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American Studies

More Reasons to Consider the Program

The following letter was sent to students who met specific criteria. Advisement on this subject is available to any interested students.

April 23, 2007

Dear student,

If you are reading this letter, you have taken American Studies 110 or 110W and received a grade of B or better. This good grade qualifies you to receive recognition as an American Studies major or minor, provided you have also taken a group of American area studies courses in various departments. Many students have already taken a sufficient or almost sufficient number of the courses that meet American Studies requirements, but are unaware that these courses can be grouped and provide you with recognition on your diploma of a useful major or minor.

Because the American Studies major or minor carries appeal with future employers, attesting to your qualifications in an interdisciplinary field, it is wise to collect this credential if you already have the courses or are close to having them. The minor requires 5 courses in addition to 110, in departments as diverse as History, Political Science, English, Urban Studies, Drama, Theater and Dance, Art History, Music, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Ethnic Studies. The major requires a total of 12 courses. It is possible to double-major, for example, in English or History and American Studies.

If you are interested in receiving advisement to evaluate how close you are to an American Studies major or minor, please call Bette S. Weidman, Director of the American Studies Program, at 718-997-4633, or e-mail me at

Sincerely yours,

Bette S. Weidman
Director, American Studies Program


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Director: Bette Weidman
Dept. Office: Klapper Hall 345
Phone: 718-997-4633

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