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SPANISH Community Support

Thalia Spanish Theatre
41-17 Greenpoint Ave.
Sunnyside, NY, 11104
Web: www.thaliatheatre.org

Thalia Spanish Theatre is a nonprofit organization, which was established in Sunnyside,
Queens in 1977 by actress/director Silvia Brito. It is the only BILINGUAL HISPANIC
THEATRE in Queens. In 32 years they have produced more than 150 plays, zarzuelas
and Folklore Shows, and are known as an important venue for new plays from Spain
and Latin America. They are committed to the preservation and promotion of zarzuela,
a form of Spanish musical theatre which combines operatic singing with dialogue. In
FESTIVAL, four free concerts in our local park every June. In 2000, for the first time,
they began to producer musicals and operettas with BILINGUAL CASTS. In 2002
they inaugurated a Bilingual Theatre for Children and Youth Workshops.
(taken from www.thaliatheatre.org)

Calpulli Mexican Dance Co.

80-09 35th Ave, E12
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Web: www.calpullidance.org
Email: castano@calpullidance.org

“Calpulli Mexican Dance Company (a.k.a. Calpulli Danza Mexicana) was founded in
2003 by a group of artists working and living in New York City. As a not-for-profit
organization, its mission is to teach and produce dance-based programming incorporating
live music and theatre to promote the rich diversity of Mexican cultural heritage. The
company's vision is to excel in the promotion of Mexican cultural heritage through live
performance and community outreach.”
(taken from www.calpullidance.org)

America n Bolero Dance Company

42-24 Ninth St.,
Long Island City, NY 11101
Web: www.ambolero.com
Email: ambolero@earthlink.net

“The American Bolero Dance Company, founded by Gabriela Granados in 1996,
explores the rhythmic intricacies and song literature of Flamenco, the refined and

stylized repertory of Clásico Español and the traditions of the Escuela Bolera. ABDC's
productions are noted for their integration of theatricality, imaginative choreography and
authentic costuming. ABDC's primary goal is to bring the music, history and tradition of
Spanish Dance to the United States.”(taken from www.ambolero.com)
They also offer seasonal courses for children (ages 5 and up) and adults in various dance
styles, including flamenco, regional folk and music classes such instruments as castanets.

Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES
2121 30th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11102
(718) 726-9642
Web: www.ssecraices.org

The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES ("RAICES") is a not-for-profit
organization which was started to provide services, educate and organize the Latino,
minority and low income elderly population. In 1985, the Council developed RAICES
(Roots), a model program on how to reach and serve Hispanic older adults.
The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES developed culturally sensitive and
bilingual services to improve the access and utilization of multiple services, benefits and
entitlements for the elderly. The Council has also organized educational and cultural
The Spanish Speaking Elderly Council-RAICES' provides outreach services, cross-
cultural training, gives out information among other things to Hispanic and other low-
income communities. “The corporation sponsors six Congregate Senior Centers, a Social
Adult Day Services Program, Support Groups for Grandparents, numerous Access and
Entitlement programs, Immigration Services, Elder Abuse Prevention Services, Food
Stamps Outreach Program, Alzheimer's Support Groups, Senior Leadership Training,
English as a Second Language Course, Recreation and Educational activities, Cultural
celebrations, Case Management, Transportation and a Licensed Outpatient Mental Health
Clinic.” (taken from www.ssecraices.org)

Gobierno Nacional de la Republica del Ecuador Secretaria Nacional del Migrante
Casa Ecuatoriana Estados Unidos-Queens
102-09 Northern Blvd.,Piso 2, Corona, N.Y. 11368
Email: Casa.ecuatoriana.ny@gmail.com
Email: senamieeuu@senami.gov.ec

The Casa Ecuatoriana is a branch of SENAMI which aids Ecuadorians living abroad in
coordination with the Ecuadorian embassies and the consulates. Some of the services
it offers are: support services for missing and detained persons, humanitarian services,
medical information and services, reception at ports and airports, repatriation of bodies
or remains of deceased Ecuadorians abroad, vital assistance to Ecuadorian immigrants
in vulnerable positions, advice to the migrant and his/her family and accreditation
procedures for household goods. General information is also provided about politics,
public services and resources for Ecuadorians in the U.S. Moreover, activities and

campaigns to promote and aid in intercultural integration and activities to promote the
Ecuadorian culture have been created. This organization seeks to strengthen the ties
of Ecuadorians expatriates with Ecuador and improve communication, solidarity and
intercultural coexistence.

Hispanic Federation
Web: info@hispanicfederation.org

1-866 HF AYUDA (432-9832)

The Hispanic Federation was established in 1990 and works with more than 90 Latino
health and human services agencies to improve the social, political and economic well-
being of the Latino community. The Federation's member agencies work in the areas of
education, health, elderly services, child care, HIV/AIDS, housing, immigrant services,
arts and culture, and economic development.

“As an umbrella organization for Latino social service agencies, the Hispanic Federation
recognizes the importance of organizing and coordinating across communities. That's
why the Federation partners with its member agencies to tackle key regional problems
through the following joint initiatives and direct assistance:

To guide immigrants through the complicated process of becoming a U.S. citizen, the
Hispanic Federation partners with a network of service agencies that offer comprehensive
support, including English courses, application completion assistance, citizenship
interview preparation and legal assistance. “(taken from www.hispanicfederation.org/)

Some of the agencies that currently form The Hispanic Federation’s citizenship
consortium are:

Concerned Citizens of Queens
40-06 Warren Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Tuesday – Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5p.m.

Their mission is to serve minorities of Queens in trying to find solutions to immigration
problems. They provide general legal services, citizenship services/classes, education
services, ESL/Literacy classes, immigration services, and interpretation and translation

Dominican Women’s Development Center

519 W 189 Street Ground Floor, New York, NY 1004 , (212) 994-6060

Web: www.dwdc.org

The Dominican Women’s Development Center is a not-for-profit organization created
to contribute to the empowerment of Dominican/Latina, other women and their families
who reside in New York City communities. Their mission is to aid in the growth and
development of women’s self esteem by affirming their “identity and solidarity through
multicultural and holistic social services, and educational, economic and cultural

development programs. The Center is committed to the organizing of women to actively
participate in the elimination of gender inequality and the promotion of social justice!”
(taken from www.dwdc.org ) The DWDC has created programs and events to deal with
such issues as domestic and other forms of violence, substance abuse and inadequate
access to quality education, healthcare and employment.