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Timothy Eaton

Associate Professor

Science Building, Room E212
Phone: 718-997-3327

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Research Interests

I am a hydrologist and geologist with interests in both surface water and groundwater, modeling and field observations to understand hydrologic exchanges, and the use of subsurface geophysics to characterize the shallow subsurface.  Recent projects involve the analysis of high-resolution hydraulic head measurements and groundwater flow modeling to analyze groundwater recharge, and interpretation of geophysical data to infer the history of glacial deposition in the Hudson River valley.I have also investigated tidal estuarine dynamics, issues of stormwater control, water quality and discharge of combined sewer overflows (CSO) in coastal waters, as well as the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing as it relates to energy policy decisions in New York State.  Other collaboration includes research on carbon assimilation in forests using eddy covariance methods to investigate ecosystem exchanges.   I also have a longstanding interest in the potential for constructed wetlands to treat CSO discharges in the New York City urban area

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Classes
  • GEOL025: Natural Resources and the Environment
  • GEOL347: Introduction to Hydrology
  • GEOL383: Groundwater Hydrology​

Graduate Classes

  • GEOL745: Introduction to Hydrology
  • GEOL746: Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEOL761: Field Methods in Hydrology
  • GEOL762: Shallow Subsurface Geophysics

Recent Publications (for complete list see Resume link at top)

Gorokhovich, Y., M. Nelson, T.T. Eaton, J. Wolk-Stanley, G. Sen. 2018. Integrated study of glacial deposits in Lower Hudson Valley (New York) with insight into deglaciation since Last Glacial Maximum. AGU Fall Meeting Abstract, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Washington D.C.

O’Mullan, G.D., T.T. Eaton and M.E. Dueker. 2018. Single-indicator strategies treat symptoms, not sources of sewage contamination, hampering water quality improvement in urban areas. Current Pollution Reports

Gorokhovich, Y., M. Nelson, T. Eaton, J. Wolk-Stanley and G. Sen. 2018. Geochronology and geomorphology of the Jones Point glacial landform in Lower Hudson Valley (New York): Insight into deglaciation processes since the Last Glacial Maximum. Geomorphology 321: 87-102,

Eaton, T.T. and A. Ludman. 2018. Interpretation of field magnetic survey and bedrock mapping to constrain contact of the Bottle Lake Complex near Passadumkeag Moundain, East-central Maine. Maine Geological Survey, Open-File Report 18-5, 21 p.

Eaton, T.T. 2018. Approach and case study of green infrastructure screening analysis for urban stormwater control. Journal of Environmental Management. 209: 495-504

Eaton, T.T., Gorokhovich, Y. and D. Soule. 2017. Electrical Resistivity Survey and Interpretation of Glacial Deposits at Jones Point, Lower Hudson River Valley, NY.  GSA Abstracts w/Programs, Vol.49, No.2, NE Section Meeting, Geological Society of America, Pittsburgh, PA, March 20, 2017

Kutter, E., C. Yi, G. Hendrey, H. Liu, T. Eaton and W. Ni-Meister. 2017. Recirculation over complex terrain. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 122, doi: 10.1002/2016JD0276409.

Eaton, T. T. 2016. Tidal reversal and flow velocities using temperature and specific conductance in a small wetland creek. Journal of Hydrology 542: 552-563, doi:

Eaton, T.T. 2015. Tidal incursions and water quality in a CSO-impacted wetland creek: use of temperature and conductivity methods.  GSA Abstracts w/Programs, Vol.47, No.7, p.199. Annual Meeting Geological Society of America, Baltimore MD, Nov 1, 2015

Eaton, T.T., Ludman A., Gales E., Marsh J., and Lippitt C., 2015. Magnetic constraints on the southwestern contact of the Bottle Lake igneous complex near Passadumkeag Mountain, ME.  GSA Abstracts w/Programs, Vol.47, No.7, p. 183, Annual Meeting Geological Society of America, Baltimore MD, Nov 1, 2015

Wei, S., C. Yi, G. Hendrey, T. Eaton, G. Rustic, S. Wang, H. Liu, N.Y. Krakauer, W. Wang, A.K. Desai, L. Montagnani, K.T. Paw U, M. Falk, A. Black, C. Bernhofer, T. Grunwald, T. Laruila, A. Cescatti, E. Moors, R. Bracho, and R. Valentini. 2014. Data-based perfect-deficit approach to understanding climate extremes and forest carbon assimilation capacity. Environmental Research Letters 9. doi: 10.1088/1748.9326/9/6/065002

Eaton, T.T., G. O'Mullan and  A. A. Rouff. 2013.  Assessing continuous contamination discharge from a combined sewer outfall (CSO) into a tidal wetland creek: bacteriological and heavy metals indicators.  Annals of Environmental Science 7:79-92.

Eaton, T.T., 2013. Science-based decision-making on complex issues: Marcellus shale gas and New York City water supply.  Science of the Total Environment 461-462:158-169.

Rouff, A.A., T.T. Eaton and A. Lanzirotti. 2013. Heavy metal distribution in an urban wetland impacted by combined sewer overflow. Chemosphere  2159-2154.



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