If you are interested in majoring or minoring in Anthropology, please complete this downloadable form and email it to the Department Chair, Prof. Larissa Swedell, at LSwedell@qc.cuny.edu.

Anthropology Major and Minor Overview

Not only is a career as an academic or a practicing anthropologist an option for highly motivated students, but anthropology’s unique cross-cultural approach to understanding human diversity is perhaps the smartest and most practical route that a general liberal arts student can select. A major or minor in general anthropology can be easily supplemented with a variety of relevant courses focused on any number of specific career goals and orientations, a possibility that becomes apparent if you look at our new specialized minors below. If a solid liberal arts foundation is your first educational goal, consider a major in Anthropology. It offers a way of “seeing” and “reading” the world that is in increasing demand in these changing multicultural times.


Anthropology Major

Students wishing to major in anthropology may choose between two tracks: general and pre-professional. The general major requires 33 credits. The pre-professional major requires 39 credits, and is designed for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in anthropology or a related discipline. It requires a more rigorous course schedule with more 300 level courses (including a seminar) than are required for the general major, and a class in anthropological research design. Under both major tracks, students may also elect to do a senior’s honor thesis.

Anthropology Minor

The Minor offers students an introduction to the field of anthropology and is flexible enough to provide basic information in all four subfields of anthropology (Cultural, Biological, Archaeological and Linguistic) while at the same time allowing students to focus specifically on the areas that most interest them.

New Specialized Minors

The Department is offering four new specialized minors: Human Ecology, Power and Inequality, Cultural Heritage and Memory, and Health and Culture. Students can choose the general Anthropology minor or one (or more) of these four minors.

Senior Honors Thesis and Independent Studies