Graduate Social Practice Certificate

Social Practice Group

Credit: Social Practice group, Transforming Corona Plaza ©2016

Graduate Social Practice Certificate

Please note: the Queens College Art department will not be accepting additional Social Practice certificate candidates at this time. Students interested in Social Practice can pursue this concentration within the MFA program.

For students interested in multi-disciplinary and community-based approaches to art, Queens College offers an Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Practice. This unique concentration brings together the resources of an academic research institution, Queens College (City University of New York: CUNY), with the long-standing community-based activism of the Queens Museum. Additionally, students who come to pursue their MFA in Studio Art may choose to concentrate in Social Practice.

The new MFA concentration in Social Practice integrates studio work with social, tactical, interventionist and cooperative forms. SPQ’s goal is to initiate interdisciplinary projects with real world outcomes rooted in CUNY’s rigorous departmental offerings (e.g.: urban studies, environmental science, public policy, experimental pedagogy, social theory) in tandem with the Queens Museum’s ongoing community-based activities.

These 24-credit certificates are designed for advanced cultural practitioners who can show significant experience with social practice projects in one or more of the following areas: art, architecture, activism, urban studies, public interest law, community organizing, social work or related fields. In order to be admitted, applicants with MAs or MFAs from a U.S. institution or a non-U.S. equivalent institution of higher education shall be preferred. However, we will give consideration to exceptional students with BAs or BFAs. Either a 79 TOEFL score or a 6 IELTS score is preferred.

For more information and news about Social Practice, visit the SPQ website:

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