McClure PhotoWilliam McClure

Professor of Japanese (Queens College) and Linguistics (Graduate Center)
Department Chair, 2005-2010
Dean of Faculty for the School of Arts and Humanities, 2012-Present
Interim Associate Provost, 2017-2018

Queens Hall, Room 210
Phone: 718-997-5790

PhD, Cornell University

William McClure was responsible for the Japanese language program, and taught language and culture at Queens, and semantics and Japanese linguistics at the Graduate Center; he is also expert on the uses of technology in teaching. He is a recipient of the College Teaching Award.

Research Interests

I am a formal linguist working principally on the syntax/semantics interface, and most of my work is about Japanese. I have looked at such topics as the progressive and unaccusativity, and I am focusing now on the syntax and semantics of Japanese classifying expressions. In addition, I teach Japanese language and have more than a passing interest in language pedagogy, teacher training, and second language acquisition.

My joint appointment between Queens College and the Lingui​stics department at the CUNY Graduate Center allow me to pursue research in the context of concrete pedagogical issues.


  • Japanese
  • Linguistics


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