CUNY Career Launch Interns

Welcome to the Career Launch Community & Social Services Hub, managed by the Experiential Education office at Queens College.

Interns work on projects within the community development and social services sector, which seek to improve the city’s short and long-term civic, economic, education and sustainability efforts. The Queens College team believes that by providing students with high-impact internships, we will (1) support the development of the diverse talent of New York City’s public sector (2) mobilize students to work on pressing projects and (3) empower students, providing a transformative experience, in which this experiential education space contributes to their intellectual, professional and personal success. Because of this, we are excited to work with each of you in applying the skills you’ve learned in the classroom – supporting your experience through hands-on, connected to life, linking theory to practice learning.

Did you know that 82% of CUNY graduates stay in NYC after graduation? By working in one of the City’s key industries and networking with employers, you will get a strong start on your post-graduation career. We also support interns through an orientation that includes career readiness, industry-specific and program sessions.

Please check back in about our 2024 program!

We can be reached via email:  Email: (24-hour turnaround)

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FAQs for CUNY Career Launch Interns
  • What is CUNY Career Launch? 
    This summer, 2,000 CUNY students will launch their careers by interning in a job related to their major – while earning $20 per hour!
    CUNY Career Launch is recruiting undergrads who haven’t had substantial paid internship experience but who are ambitious, bright, and ready to apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom to work.

    You will work for 7 weeks between early July until mid-August for 19 hours/week. You can take a summer class, keep your part-time job, or take care of family while you intern with CUNY Career Launch!
  • Will it be virtual?   
    Internships can be virtual, in-person or a hybrid experience.  You will be asked your preferences on placement when we begin the matching process. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but there is no guarantee that your site will fulfil all your preferences.
  • Can I apply?
    Students interested in participating in Career Launch must be 18-24 years old; legally allowed to work in the US; you are a current student that plans to enroll in Fall 2022 CUNY courses a OR you are a current CUNY student and plan to graduate in spring or summer 2022 
    Preference will be given to students with no paid internship experience (for this purpose we will not count required practicums for education and healthcare students as an internship.
    Currently applications are closed!
  • Why should I apply to be part of Career Launch?
    Use this summer experience to launch into your career by interning in a job that requires a college degree and is related to your major – all while earning $20 per hour!
    CUNY Career Launch will recruit students who have not yet had a substantial paid professional experience but are ambitious, bright, and ready to practice what they are learning in the classroom in the work world.

    As a CUNY Career Launch intern, you will have the opportunity to build skills, extend your professional network, add to your resume, and support employers throughout NYC in several key industries.
  • How can I apply?
    First, please fill out the student pre-application form here. Note that this is a multi-step application process. Form submission does not guarantee acceptance.
    Currently applications are closed!
  • What are some examples of work I may be doing?
    Neighborhood beautification like landscaping, gardening, and park upkeep.
    Health education and outreach and medical patient support services.
    Technological support like data entry, web design, or network support.
    Community outreach and civic engagement.
    Office help like filing, answering telephones, and scheduling.
    Connecting NYers to public services
    Organizing cultural activities and community art projects and assisting cultural institutions
  • Are there any excluding criteria?
    Summer interns must be current matriculated students or recent graduates. CUNY Career Launch will recruit students who have not had substantial paid professional experience but who are ambitious, bright, and ready to practice what they are learning in the classroom in the work world. Students who have participated in only one or no internships at all will be given priority.

  • Will I be paid for my internship?
    CUNY Career Launch is a six-week 19hr/week position over the summer months with positions starting the week of July 5th. Interns will earn $20/hr and are eligible to make over $2600 this summer! Students will be paid through the University and will be of no cost to partners.
  • Do I have to work 19 hours each week or am I able to work less hours? 
    Career Launch members are required to work 19 hours a week. No exemptions can be made.
  • What is the timeline of the student application, selection and onboarding process: 
    April 29th Student Applications Due 
    May – June Matching + Onboarding 
    July 5th Students attend week of orientation and training
    July 11 First day of internship
    Aug 19th Student Work Ends
    Late August Program admin close-out
  • Is this program the same as Recovery Corps?
    Although CUNY will not serve as a Summer Youth Employment Partner (SYEP) this summer, we are excited to collaborate with the Mayor’s Office in implementing the CUNY Career Launch initiative has five campuses, each serving as a “career hub” concerned with providing internships in one of five specific sectors: the non-for-profit sector, health sectors, public service and government sector, STEM sector, and community health education sector. All CUNY students are welcome to apply to any of the five hubs regardless of their home campus.  

  • If I have a pre-planned vacation, can I take off during the 6-week period? 
    No, you are not able to miss the 19 hours of work per week. There are no exceptions. If you have a pre-planned vacation, you will not be able to participate in the program at this time.
  • Are schedules flexible? 
    Schedules can be set to accommodate your needs when you first join your placement site. Further modifications to the schedule after starting work will need to be discussed with and approved by your site supervisor. Be mindful that your schedule is set to 19 hours per week.
  • Can you work at more than one placement site? 
    No, you cannot. You are only able to work at one placement site. 

  • What if I do not like the site I was matched to? Can I be rematched?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to rematch at this time, but we are certain that the soft and technical skills you will gain over the next 6 weeks will be transferable and serve you well in the future. Any significant issues will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 
    If anything changes, we will certainly let you know immediately. Please let us know if you are no longer interested in participating in the program so I can match another student to the site.
  • Can I only apply to the hub assigned to my home campus?
    You are not obligated to only apply to the industry hub hosted by your home campus. Your hub choice should be based on your major and career goals. All your onboarding, matching, and training will be carried out by your assigned hub.
  • What if I have little to no knowledge about where I am placed? 
    You will receive training for any specific requirements at your site and will be paid for a week of training. You will be required to complete the CUNY Career Launch Training and attend an orientation to be fully onboarded onto the CUNY Career Launch.
  • When will Orientation take place? /What is the schedule of events for 
    Training will consist of a combination of mandatory and elective training totaling 19 hours across July 5th-July 8th. The full schedule for the sessions will be sent out prior to the orientation week, however, you should expect to attend meetings throughout the four days from 9:30 to 5:00 P.M.
  • Can graduate students who meet the age requirement apply?
    Unfortunately, currently Career Launch is only open to undergraduate students. Graduate students cannot apply even if they fall within the age limits.
  • What does the onboarding process look like?
    RF onboarding will be done by the Central Team.
  • Can international students participate in the program?
    International students can participate if they have a SSN, or if they have applied for one and are currently waiting for the card to arrive.  Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this.
  • Who can I email if I have questions regarding onboarding?
    RF Onboarding is being handled by the Fiscal team. Please direct questions regarding your RF Hire Packet to
  • When will the selected applicants be notified of either the next steps in the application process or of their acceptance?
    The selection is oncoming and students who will be moving on in the process will be notified in the coming weeks. 
    We are currently reviewing applicants for this program; however, all students will be notified of a potential match by June 9th. If there is any additional information, we may need from you, we will contact you via email.
  • What does it mean to be on the Standby List?
     We anticipate having a considerable number of students become unable to progress with their candidacy or reject their offer for an internship between now and our final day for internship matching: June 20th. As these positions open, we will turn to our Standby List to offer internship placements to candidates.
  • What will happen if I accept a placement on the Standby List?
    If you accept placement on the Standby List, you will be contacted within 48 hours to begin completing your payroll onboarding paperwork. This paperwork will need to be initiated before you are eligible to be selected to fill a vacated internship seat. After you begin your payroll onboarding, and before June 20th, you will be contacted by CUNY Career Launch Community + Social Services Hub at Queens College when an internship placement opens!
  • What will my work schedule be if accepted into the program?
    Your work location (in person or remote) and your schedule will be determined with your internship placement supervisor. All placements are 19 hours per week. You can direct any questions to the supervisor once you are matched with an internship. Please note: Most internships will require work hours from Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. If you are only available to work at an internship placement on weekends or evenings– it is not likely that this opportunity is a good fit for you.
  • For CUNY RF onboarding, under the “educational diploma” section
    Students can upload one of the following documenting your highest level of educational completion: a picture of your High School Diploma, a certificate like a GED/HESC, or your Associate’s/Bachelor’s/Master’s degree (if the degree has not been mailed to you yet or you don’t have it available, you may upload your Unofficial Transcript instead.)
  • Am I able to participate in SYEP and Career Launch
    Unfortunately, students are not able to participate in both programs due to funding.
  • As an international student, where do I request work verification?
    For any questions regarding work verification please send an email to the career launch inbox with the subject relation to work verification.
  • Are interns eligible for Holiday pay? If no, can interns make up hours?
    Federal holidays on which city agencies are closed are not paid holidays for interns. This means interns must choose how they want to handle the closure. If an intern is traditionally scheduled to work on the weekday on which a holiday falls, they can make up the hours missed at some point during the same payroll period. Makeup hours are only permitted within the same pay period (i.e., you miss 5 hours of work on Monday, therefore you make up hours on Wednesday during the same pay period)  
    Note: As part-time employees, interns are also not eligible for RFCUNY holidays. 
  • Can an intern work over the 19 hours? 
    Under no circumstance should an intern complete over 38 hours during a two week pay period. CUNY program staff will not approve time sheets that include hours worked on a day in which an agency was closed.  
  • Are interns responsible for providing their own equipment for remote job sites?
    By agreeing to a remote internship site, the student is agreeing to have high speed internet, a standard working device (laptop or computer) and basic access to internet web browsers, video chat application downloads, built in video cameras and built-in microphones. 
    The student shall not be asked to pay for any web applications or internet services under any given circumstance. 
  • Will interns be required to be vaccinated?
    In accordance with CUNY’s vaccine mandate, as of May 27, 2022, except for medical or religious exemptions, all employees will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and their proof of vaccination uploaded into the RFCUNY vaccine verification portal in order to access CUNY campuses and worksites. Students who wish to request for a medical or religious exemption should send their request to or  
  • Are interns required to wear a mask at the job site?
    Students must adhere to all mask mandates required by internship sites. In internship sites where masks are not required, students may voluntarily wear a mask. 
  • What if an intern test positive for COVID-19 during internship?
    If a student receives a positive COVID-19 test during CUNY Career Launch, they should immediately inform their site supervisors. The student must follow the COVID-19 protocols of their respective worksite.  
    RFCUNY has provided a temporary leave benefit of up to 14 days of paid sick leave to its employees for their own COVID-19 illnesses and to take care of ill family members with a confirmed case of COVID-19. This benefit can be used for a COVID-19 illness, any disabling condition from a COVID-19 illness, and any mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine or isolation. 
    Special COVID-19 Sick Leave is not applicable in cases where an employee is deemed asymptomatic or has not yet been diagnosed with any medical condition and is physically able to work. Sick leave, annual leave, or unscheduled holiday leave may be used in those cases.  
    To apply for COVID-19 Sick Leave, please complete the Confidential COVID-19 Report form and submit supporting medical documentation to Yinet Conde, at If you are ill with a confirmed case of COVID-19, you are caring for an ill family member with a confirmed case of COVID-19, or you are subject to an order of Mandatory Isolation or Precautionary Quarantine, select “Other Paid” on the timesheet and select COVID-19 Sick from the drop-down list. 
  • If an incident occurs at the job site, what is the protocol?
    Students enrolled in CUNY Career Launch are required to report and document incidents that occur during their internships that lead to personal injury, harassment, physical or verbal assault and any other harmful actions.  
    When such an incident occurs, students are required to immediately report the incident to their site supervisor and/or call 9-1-1 if necessary.  
    Subsequently, the students are responsible for reporting these incidents to their respective hub leaders. Hub leaders will then inform CUNY Central staff and Research Foundation HR representatives.
     * Please contact
    • Is there a code of conduct policy interns must adhere to?
      Yes, this code of conduct highlights the general rules and regulations that each student must follow. Students are required to use this as a reference but should still follow the specific rules of their internship sites. Actions subject to but not limited to disciplinary actions:
      – excessive lateness
      – absence no call, no show
      – breach of confidentiality
      – verbal or physical misconduct
      – theft of work property
      – inebriation in the workplace
      – Inappropriate work relationships
      – dress code violation (varies based on internship site)

      1. When the initial problem arises, supervisors will have a conversation with the intern and be clear about what they would like them to do in order to improve. Additional support will be provided if needed.

      2. If a problem becomes chronic and repetitive, CUNY Career Launch staff will be contacted.

      3. If coaching and support has been provided and the problem persists, the next step is to give the intern a verbal warning. Interns will be given suggestions for improvement.

      4. If further intervention is needed, CUNY Hub staff will complete a Written Warning Form with a 3-day timeframe in which the intern can correct their behavior. CUNY Hub staff will also schedule a corrective action plan meeting with the intern. The meeting will be a time to review the problematic behavior, determine the causes of the behavior, and collaborate to develop strategies for improvement. Next steps for any failure to comply with the plan will also be included.

      5. Implement the follow-up listed in the corrective action plan.

      *Some actions may be subject to termination without warning. See termination policy. Please contact the relevant staff from your respective hubs for any code of conduct related questions.  
    • What if an intern is not able to complete their 6-week internship commitment?
      Students must notify their managers and service placement supervisors in writing at least one week before they will resign from the program. Students should include a “thank you” to community partners for the opportunity in their resignation email. Students should complete the withdrawal form to confirm their withdrawal. 
    • Will there be an end of internship evaluation?

      Please direct any questions to