Lunch and Learn FAQ
What is Lunch and Learn Series?

  • It is a set of professional development workshop that supports a larger group of Queens College students seeking to develop important skills for the world of work.
  • Students are invited to join us virtually during their lunch hour and encourage to bring a snack.

Where are these workshops being held?

  • These workshops will be held online. We will send you a link 2 days before the event.

What are the dates available for these workshops?

  • TBA

What time does the event starts?

  • TBA

Do I have to be a CUNY Service Corps member to attend these workshops?

  • No, These workshops are available to all Queens College students.

Do I have to be a Queens College student to participate?

  • Yes, you have to be an undergraduate or graduate student in Queens College to participate.

Do I have to complete all the workshops?

  • You do not need to complete all the workshop events, but if you complete at least 4 events, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.