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Fact Sheet and Frequently Requested Information

Faculty should email or call to make an appointment at least three weeks before a deadline. Please include in your email the name of the agency and/or program to which you are applying and a copy of the guidelines or a link to them, if possible. Also, please let us know if you have any collaborators.

DUNS is 619346146 for all proposals with a few exceptions on some U.S. Department of Defense and other federal contracts; the Research Foundation DUNS of 064932676 is used in these cases. Regarding NSF, please be sure you are using the correct organization code in Fastlane: 0026906000.

The EIN/TIN number is 1131988190. When applying to NIH, use the suffix A1.

CAGE Codes 
4B997 for use with DUNS 064932676 and 4AWM7 for use with DUNS 619346146. These are used primarily with U.S. Department of Defense contracts.

IRB Assurance Number: FWA 00018638

Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3721-01

Congressional District
Queens College is in the 6th Congressional District.

Authorizing Official or Signing Official 
Poline Papoulis, Director
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Queens College/CUNY

NIH Commons

Click here to view NIH COMMONS System information.

If you are applying to any NIH agency, you will need a Commons account. Please contact ORSP to set this up. If you already have an account but are not affiliated with Queens College, please not do not attempt to create a new account. For new accounts, we will need your Social Security number, birth date, and email address; if you’ve had NIH support in the past, you must provide this information as well.

National Science Foundation Research.gov and Fastlane

Click here to view NSF, Fastlane & Research.gov information.

If you are applying to NSF, you will need a Research.gov/Fastlane account. ORSP can set this up for you with your email address, terminal degree and year, and phone and fax numbers. If you have an existing account, please update your profile to reflect Queens College as your home institution.

Grants.gov (You do not need to register with grants.gov to prepare your proposal!)

Click here to visit the Grants.gov overview.

Queens College is a registered organization that handles most submissions. Exceptions are for individual grants that are awarded directly to an individual. You will need to use grants.gov to obtain the agency’s application form(s) and instructions for each particular grant. These forms change often; please be sure to download the correct application for the program that you want. In addition, all grants.gov forms are in Adobe Acrobat. You do not need the full version to use the forms, but you do need the latest Acrobat Reader (available at Adobe.com for free) and you might need software to generate pdf (portable document format) documents to attach to your application. Please contact us if you need help.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits are organized by the RF as a pooled plan and the rates cover many expenses–such as worker’s compensation, unemployment, and Social Security costs–that the employer must pay. Other benefits may or may not include health care, life insurance, pension benefits. Rates for faculty are calcuated by the State of New York and charged accordingly. Current rates are posted on the RF website, but for planning a proposal, please use the following rates:

wdt_ID Personnel Category Current 2021
1 Faculty release time 51% 51%
2 Faculty summer 26.7% 26.7%
3 Full-time or Part-time A (20 hours or over/week) 35% 35%
4 Part-time B (19 hours or less/week) 8.84% 8.84%

Indirect Costs/Overhead

Indirect costs are administrative and research costs that cannot be assigned to any one category or project. Space, utilities, cleaning, maintenance (general), and college resources used for conducting all research (funded and unfunded) are shared under our federally negotiated agreement. When applying for federal grants, we ask for the full amount that this institution and the federal agencies have agreed upon. The current rates are valid until June 30, 2013:

wdt_ID Project Type Current Rate
1 Research (on-campus) 54%
2 Research (off-campus, more than 50%) 26%
3 Other sponsored programs (educational, administrative, programmatic) 39%

Subcontracts & Sub-awards:

Click here to visit Subcontracts and Subawards Information.

If you are collaborating with someone at another institution, you might need to include a subcontract or sub-award in your application. It is wise to have your collaborator check with his or her home institution about when a subcontract or sub-award is required. Generally speaking, if the collaborator is getting paid during his or regular appointment period, requesting funds for a graduate research assistant or other employee, or needs funds for laboratory costs or other research supplies, you MUST include a subcontract in the budget and management plan. If the collaborator is provided only limited support for a project that requires him or her to be at his or her laboratory or use his or her institutional resources, then that individual may qualify to be paid as a consultant. Please provide ORSP with additional lead time if you have one or more collaborators on your project. Items ORSP needs for a subcontract are the other organization’s DUNS number, administrative grant contract information, name of the PI at the other organization, a scope of work, a letter of commitment from the institution’s authorizing official, and a budget. All subcontractors must complete a subrecipient commitment form. ORSP will assist in establishing this documentation. For more information, click here.


Click here to view Cost-sharing information.

Cost-sharing should not be included in any proposal unless it is required by the sponsor/granting agency. Cost-sharing will not be allowed on any proposal to a federal agency unless specifically mandated in the guidelines. If you plan on utilizing volunteers in your project or will commit time that is not reimbursed by the grant, DO NOT QUANTIFY that time. We will not submit your proposal if it involves proposed cost-sharing that has not been approved prior to the grant submission. Proposals that include cost-sharing must be submitted to ORSP for approval at least 15 days prior to the deadline. If the cost-sharing is not mandated by the agency, approval from the Dean, Chair, College Provost and CUNY University Provost for Research is required.