Post-Award Reporting Requirements

Sponsors generally require three reports after they give an award:

  • Financial reports, including time and effort reports of key personnel
  • Narrative progress reports
  • Final reports, including publications and/or deliverables

Federal auditing requirements are very specific about what must be reported in financial reports:

a) Funding amounts received and expended in accordance with standard accounting practice; b) purchases of equipment over $5,000; c) indirect costs collected; and d) all time and effort, including uncompensated effort, of key personnel on ALL research projects including unfunded projects.

To comply with these requirements, the Research Foundation uses several tools including the payment request forms, purchase requisitions, and personnel forms including the Staff Effort Notice and the Personnel Activity Report (PAR). These tools enable the Research Foundation to make an accurate report regarding the financial status of your grant. Please be mindful of all time and effort that was committed to the project during the application phase; if key personnel reduce their effort during the project period, please contact ORSP.

The Research Foundation is generally responsible for completing all financial reports to the sponsor. Exceptions may include private foundations and some state and city programs depending on the type of award, but all federal grants are the sole responsiblity of the Research Foundation.

Narrative progress reports are required by all federal agencies and usually due at least two months before the end of each year. A final report is due 90 days after the grant ends. Most state agencies also require progress reports. Private sponsors sometimes require a progress report and almost always require a final report. The project director is responsible for completing these reports. Assistance in completing these reports is available from ORSP, and as in the case of NIH, requires ORSP signature.

Final reports are almost always required by every sponsor. In addition, some sponsors want copies of your publications and/or other deliverables such as software or other intellectual property. NIH has a specific site for uploading publications through the COMMONS system. You can find more information here.

Sponsors may have other reporting requirements; we will always do our best to assist our faculty.  If you have questions about any sponsor request, please call our office.