BBA in Accounting

The department offers courses in accounting, information systems, business law, and taxation for accounting majors and other students. Students who graduate with an accounting major have many possible career paths. If you are interested in public accounting you will need to fulfill the requirements to become a licensed CPA. Positions within a public, private, or not-for-profit entity as, for example, an internal auditor, comptroller, or accountant may or may not require a CPA. Related positions include working in compliance, as a financial analyst, or credit analyst. You can learn more about a career in accounting by checking out our Careers page or meeting with one of our faculty advisors.

The undergraduate accounting major requires completion of 63 course credits in accounting and related business disciplines:

Department Course Credits:

Accounting & Information Systems 39 credits including 10 credits related to Law and Taxation
Economics 15 credits including Business courses
Computer Science 3 credits
Electives 6 credits

Major Curriculum

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Required Courses with Descriptions
Lower Freshman
ACCT 101. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Accounting I.
Economics, Business, & Computer Science
ECON 101. Introduction to Macroeconomics.
Upper Freshman
ACCT 102. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Accounting II.
Economics, Business, & Computer Science
ECON 102. Introduction to Microeconomics.
Lower Sophomore
ACCT 201 Intermediate Accounting I.
ACCT 305. Cost Accounting.
Law and Taxation
ACCT 261. Business Law I.
Economics, Business, & Computer Science
BUS 241. Corporation Finance.
Upper Sophomore
ACCT 202. Intermediate Accounting II.
Law and Taxation
ACCT 362, 362W. Business Law II.
Economics, Business, & Computer Science
ECON 249. Statistics as Applied to Economics and Business.
Lower Junior
ACCT 311. Advanced Accounting.
ACCT 306. Quantitative Techniques in Planning and Control.
Economics, Business, & Computer Science
ECON 215. Money and Banking.
CSCI 48. Spreadsheet Programming.
Upper Junior
ACCT 372. Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing.
ACCT 321 Auditing I.
Lower Senior
ACCT 322. Auditing II
Law and Taxation
ACCT 367. Federal and New York State Taxes on Income.

Elective Course Options – Elective Course Descriptions
ACCT 341. Accounting Information Systems.
ACCT 343. Microcomputer Applications in Accounting.
ACCT 350. Financial Statement Analysis.
ACCT 363. Business Law III.
ACCT 385. Data Analytics for Accountants.
ACCT 393W. Seminar in Accounting.
ACCT 398. Internship.
ACCT 331. Advanced Accounting Problems.
ACCT 355. Accounting in International Environments.
ACCT 369. Gift and Estate Taxation.
ACCT 373. Communication and Ethics for Accountants.
ACCT 382. Seminar in Advanced Managerial Accounting Theory.
ACCT 391 Special Problems.
ACCT 392. Special Problems.

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