SEES Courses

Fall 2023


Geol 8 Introduction to Oceanography (Stewart;)
Geol 9 Environmental Issues (Bracco;)
Geol 16 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Moving Cont. (Longpre;)
Geol 78 Climate Change: What it means to us and what you can do (Pekar;)
Ensci 99 A Practical Guide to Environmental Choices (Ramadhin – 2 sections)


Ensci 100 Our Planet In the 21st Century (Stewart; weekend: Williams)
Geol 101 Physical Geology (Soule – 2 sections;)
Ensci 112 Our Changing Planet (TBA, Blanford;)
Geol 102 ** Historical Geology (Pekar;)


Ensci 200** Earth Systems Science (Bracco;)
Geol 210** Water Resources (Eaton;)
Urbst 230** Environmental and Public Health Policy and Practice (Barron;)


Geol 328W Volcanoes and Climate (Longpré;)
Geol 342** Introduction to Meteorology (Yi;)
Geol 347** Principles of Hydrology (Blanford;)
Geol 356** Advanced Oceanography (Greenfield;)
Geol 363 GIS in the Geosciences (Lesnek;)
Ensci 373W** Environmental Problem Solving (O’Mullan;)
Ensci 383** Environmental Risk Management (Gold;)
Geol 383** Introduction to Environmental Modeling (Yi;)
Ensci 397** Internship in Environmental Science (Bird;)

Core/Advanced/BS elective major courses

Biol 201 General Microbiology (TBD;)
Biol 340 General Ecology (Waldman;)
Geol 200 Methods in Geoscience (Val;)

Geology major courses (not usable for Ensci or Environment studies majors or minors)

Geol 214 Earth’s Internal Processes (Val)

** permission only: Fall 2023 SEES registration google form for undergraduates will be released ~ 03/24/23

Graduate-level courses (graduate classes are permission only)

Eaton: Geol 745 Hydrology
Longpré: Geol 728 Volcanoes and Climate (co-List w/ 328)
Greenfield: Geol 799.3 Advanced Oceanography (co-List w/ 356)
Gold: Ensci 799.3 Environmental Risk Management (co-list w/ Ensci 383)
Bird: Ensci 799.1 Scientific Writing
Blanford/Bird: Geol 799.1 Graduate Colloquium


(Updated March 20, 2023)

How To

Registration for SEES Fall 2023 Courses

1 : Look through the list of courses.

2 : Make an appointment with your academic advisor.

3: Request courses that require department permission.

4 : Self-enroll in remaining courses on CUNYfirst.

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