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Spring 2023 Courses in SEES 



Geol     8 Oceanography (McHugh)
Geol   12 Natural Hazards (Shalkowski)
Geol   25 Natural Resources (Eaton)
Ensci  99 A Practical Guide to Environmental Choices (Ramadhin) 


Ensci 100 Our Planet In the 21st Century (Stewart; weekend-Williams)
Geol  101 Physical Geology (Lesnek)
Ensci 112 Our Changing Planet (Blanford – 2; Schmidt*)
Geol  102* Historical Geology (Pekar) 


Ensci   200 Earth Systems Science (Bracco)
Geol    216* Oceans & Atmosphere (Stewart) 


Ensci 203 Environmental Microbiology (O’Mullan)  
Geol 370* Biogeochemistry (Greenfield)
Ensci 383* Using R: Introductory Statistics in Earth Sciences (Fogarty) – online: synchronous/asynchronous
Ensci 383* Change to Climate Resilience and Storm Water Management in NYC (Balci)
Ensci 383* Environmental Impact Assessment (Helman)
Geol 383* Advanced Topics in Hydrology (Eaton)
Ensci 397** Internship in Environmental Science (various) 

Geology major courses (not usable for Ensci or Environment studies majors or minors) 

Geol 201 Minerals, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks (Longpré)
Geol 214 Earth’s Internal Processes (Val)
Geol 361* Field Geology (Val)
Geol 313W   Stratigraphy and Interpreting Paleoenvironments (Pekar)  

Graduate Courses (all by permission) 

Geol  766* Analytical Techniques in Environmental Geosciences (Bracco)
Ensci 799* Scientific Writing and Review (Bird)
Ensci 799* Environmental Impact Assessment (Helman)
Geol  799* Advanced Topics in Hydrology (Eaton)
Ensci 799* Change to Climate Resilience and Storm Water Management in NYC (Balci)
Ensci 799* Environmental Microbiology (O’Mullan)
Ensci 799* Biogeochemistry (Greenfield) 


*For Geol/Ensci 383 classes (special topics) please contact instructor for prerequisites/co-requisites.  

**Ensci 395, 396 or 397, Internship in Environmental Science, requires completion and approval of an application that is due 45 days prior to beginning the internship. The application is available from Professor Bird. 

Note: For requirements for Environmental Science, Environmental Studies or Geology majors or minors – please consult the major advisor and the Undergraduate Course Bulletin.  

For more information please contact: 

Dr. Gillian Stewart envs.seesQC@gmail.com for Env. Sci and Env. Studies majors and minors 

Advisor for Environmental Science and Environmental Studies majors and minors 

Dr. Stephen Pekar spekar@qc.cuny.edu for Geology major and minors