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Mission Statement

The mission of Queens College is to prepare students to become leading citizens of an increasingly global society. The college seeks to do this by offering its exceptionally diverse student body a rigorous education in the liberal arts and sciences under the guidance of a faculty that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge. Its goal is that students learn to think critically, address complex problems, explore various cultures, and use effectively the full array of available technologies and information resources.


Success Stories

Ming Lei

“Working as a computer science academic tutor at Queens College has been an incredible experience for me both academically and professionally. First, it has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of computer science concepts and principles by teaching them to others. Elaborating these concepts to my peers has encouraged me to further clarify my own understanding and gain confidence in my abilities. Second, the experience has improved my communication and leadership skills as I am required to explain difficult concepts in a way that is easy for others to understand, which has been particularly beneficial in group projects and presentations. Additionally, working on campus has helped me to build relationships with other students and faculty, providing networking opportunities and potential references for future job opportunities.”

“Substantially, working as a computer science academic tutor at Queens College has provided me with invaluable skills and experiences that will undoubtedly benefit me both academically and professionally in the future.”

Reginald Wills

“The Career Center served as a critical resource in my preparation for navigating the corporate world following Queens College, and aided in expanding my professional development.”

“Prior to graduating Queens College I was able to secure a full time position with Goldman Sachs, where I am currently working in their Asset and Wealth Management division.”

Genesis Santos

“Our Queens College’s Career Center guided, motivated, and mentored me towards achieving my career goals after graduation. After completing my degree, I will be working for Truist as a Wealth Analyst, thanks to the Career Center and mentorship I received!”

Raquel Inirio

“I have been a tutor peer mentor since fall 2020 and have been able to find a space with likeminded people who have been supporting me all along. This job gave me the opportunity to be able to make connections and learning more about student teacher and being able to enforce my knowledge even more.”