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The City University of New York (CUNY) has partnered with Parchment as the service provider to process all CUNY Institution’s transcript orders. You can order your transcript online through this link.

To check on the status of an order you can reach them at 

Students do not need to place transcript requests for offices or academic departments within Queens College, including Queens College’s Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Offices.

Transcript requests for students who attended CUNY Queens College prior to 1980 may require additional time for processing. We apologize for any inconvenience and delay this may cause. 

The following timelines are approximate times for processing.

Transcript Processing Timeline
Attendance Dates Transcript Format Timeline
Prior to 1992 Hard Copy, Microfiche, Microfilm 30 Days
1992-2010 Digital Realtime ***
2010-Present Digital Realtime
*** Any record with a Registrar stop from 1992-2010 requires 2-3 weeks processing time

Visit CUNY’s Transcript page for additional information.

Passing grades assigned by faculty are A+ through D; there is no grade of D–. Grades of A+ show on the student’s record but are counted as an A in the grade point average (GPA). P (Pass) is assigned in place of a passing grade when a student chooses the P/NC grading option or when a P is the only legal grade that may be assigned in a course and the instructor has submitted an earned passing grade. P earns credit but is not calculated in the GPA. Assigned grades (A+ through F and WU), once assigned, stand as final evaluations. An assigned grade may not be changed later by additional assignments, retesting, or auditing a class.
A student who receives a failing grade (F, NC, or R) will not receive college credit for that course. The grades F are calculated in the GPA as zero. Grades of NC or R are not calculated in the GPA.

F (Failing) is assigned for work that, in the judgment of the instructor, does not deserve college credit. This grade is calculated in the GPA as zero and gives no credit.

FIN (Incomplete Failing) is assigned to an Undergraduate student when an INC grade is not completed by the end of the following semester.

NC (No Credit) is assigned when the instructor submits an F and the student has chosen the P/NC grading option for that course, within the applicable rules, or the student is a first-semester student or the course in question may only be graded as Pass or No Credit.

R (Repeat) is assigned when the instructor submits an F for a student in a CESL course. A course in which an R is received is repeated until it is passed.

INC (Incomplete) is a temporary grade that may be assigned by faculty in consultation with the student when there is an expectation that the student can pass the course by submitting outstanding work. Undergraduate students have until the last day of the following semester to submit all required work. Graduate students have two semesters to submit all required work. Additionally, the INC grade can be used when a student has been absent from the final exam and a make-up exam is scheduled. The temporary grade of INC is not calculated in the GPA. 

PEN (Pending) is a temporary grade awarded when the disposition of the final grade requires further evaluation, and the incomplete grade is inappropriate. The PEN grade will not lapse to FPN; final determination of a grade will depend on final evaluation by the instructor or the outcome of the college’s academic review process.

WA (Withdrawal, Administrative) is assigned by the Registrar when a student is not in full compliance with the college’s immunization requirements. Students receiving this grade should immediately contact the Health Service Center.

W (Withdrawal, Passing) is a grade that can only be issued by the Registrar when students complete the course withdrawal procedure online, or request and receive permission from the SAA for a course withdrawal. 

WD (Withdrawal, Drop) is a non-punitive grade assigned when a class is dropped after the financial aid certification date during the program adjustment period. The student must have attended at least one class session.  

WN (Never Attended) If a student never attends a given class and does not withdraw officially, the WN grade will be assigned. Students will not be permitted to repeat an ESL course after receiving either no credit or a failing grade twice previously in that course. 

WU (Withdrawn Unofficially) is assigned by the instructor to indicate that the student stopped attending the course before the end of the semester; or as a result of excessive absences there is no basis to give a final letter grade of A+ to F, and the conditions for a grade of INC do not apply.


Pass/No Credit Option

Pass/No Credit Option (P/NC)

Undergraduate students may select one course each semester or session for grading under the P/NC option. Please review the academic policy in the Queens College Bulletin prior to selecting this option. It is also suggested to reach out to Academic Advising to discuss the P/NC option before opting in to this grading option.

The P/NC option for the Fall 2023 semester can be found here and will be available until December 11, 2023. 

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