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Faculty-Led URME Projects: Call for Proposals, Fall 2011

Faculty-led URME project proposals are submitted by faculty. Awards will fund group or one-on-one research/mentoring activities. Faculty from all academic disciplines are invited to apply.

  • Funded projects will require sign-off from department chair. We will contact department chairs once award decisions have been made.
  • The funding period will be January to August 2012; all award funds must be spent by June 1, 2012.
  • Award decisions will be announced mid-November.
  • We will ask award recipients to provide a brief summary of the outcomes of their project(s), including accomplishments and future directions.
  • The deadline to submit proposals was Monday, October 24, 2011. This page is here for archival purposes.

Award types – We suggest two broad categories, designed to encourage broad participation. Alternative models, if justified, will also be considered.

Group research (5 or more students): A faculty research mentor will supervise the work of 5 or more students, working on one project or a set of related projects.  Students will receive academic credit by registering for a "Special Problems" or "Undergraduate Research" course with the faculty mentor. Funding: up to $3,000 for each mentoring group, to be used for costs related to the research activity or for travel to present research findings at conferences.

One-on-one research (1-2 students): A faculty research mentor will work with one or two students on a project or similar projects. The student(s) will register for an "Independent Research" course, up to 3 credits. Funding: up to $1,250 per student, to be used for laboratory supplies and analyses, travel to present findings at conferences, or other research-related activities.

Note about workload compensation – UR/ME awards do not pay for workload credit associated with faculty teaching a "Special Problems" or "Undergraduate Research" course, or for release resulting from accumulated "Independent Research" credits. Any such workload credit should be arranged for independently of the UR/ME program.

Expectations – Successful projects will enable faculty mentors to integrate their research interests in ways that will not only promote their scholarship, but also offer students intellectual engagement and exciting interaction with the discipline. Successful projects will also foster the development of new skill sets in students, via their participation in writing abstracts or papers, reporting research at conferences, or exhibiting or performing their work. These expectations should be made explicit in the project proposal.
Application process – Project proposals, due 11:59pm on October 24, should be submitted using the submissions interface (run by a conference management system called EasyChair we're using to collect, manage, and review submissions this year).  Please follow the instructions below to complete an application.

  1. Create an account on EasyChair at: (If you already have an EasyChair account, you may use it, if you wish, and login from that page.)
  2. Click "New Submission".
  3. Add as "Authors" all faculty involved with the project (please list your department in the "Organization" box).
  4. Add a project title to the "Title" area.
  5. Insert a brief description of the project (100 words maximum) in the "Abstract" area. (We will use this description to publicize projects.)
  6. Select the category for your project (group project or one-on-one project) and indicate whether the project involves service learning.
  7. Type up to three keywords for the project.
  8. In the "Upload Paper" section, upload a single document with the following three elements:
    1. A project summary (500-750 words maximum), including discussion of:
      • the proposed research activity (please note: reviewers will be from other disciplines; describing your research for a broad audience is preferred);
      • how students will be involved and mentored as a result of the research activity; and
      • any anticipated outcomes (grant proposal submission, conference presentation, conference abstract submission, report, performance, etc.).
    2. A budget and budget justification--$3,000 maximum for group research, $1,250 per student for one-on-one research--for budget categories that include the following:
      • faculty travel and/or conference registration fees
      • student travel and/or conference registration fees
      • hardware/software
      • laboratory/office supplies
      • other (please explain in your justification)
    3. A two-page CV or biographical sketch for each participating faculty.
  9. When you are finished, press "Submit". You will receive a confirmation email, and you will be able to view your submission by logging back in. You may make changes to your submission through 11:59 pm on October 24; after that, the submissions interface will be closed.

Please contact Eva Fernández or Yasemin Jones with any questions.

UR/ME Logo, designed by Kevin Wong (UR/ME student participant, spring 2010)


 UR/ME Organizing Committee

  • Kristin Celello (History)
  • Stephen Pekar (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • Dean Savage (Sociology)
  • Edward Smaldone (Aaron Copland School of Music)
  • Shoshana Korman (Undergraduate Student)
  • Eva Fernández (Center for Teaching & Learning)
  • Yasemin Jones (Office of the Provost)

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