Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Council

Council Members for 2016-2017:

  • Eva Fernandez (Faculty, Department of Linquistics and Communication Disorders and Assistant Provost)
  • Aaron Freundschuh (Faculty, Department of History)
  • Julie George (Faculty, Department of Political Science)
  • Ariela Herman (Faculty, Department of Family, Nutrition and Exercise Science)
  • Craig Michaels (Dean, Division of Education)
  • Sonia Rodrigues (Academic Programs and Accreditation Coordinator for the Division of Education)
  • Dean Savage (Faculty, Department of Sociology)
  • Janice Smith (Faculty, Department of Aaron Copeland School of Music)
  • Amy Wan (Faculty, Department of English)
  • Christopher Vickery (Faculty, Department of Computer Science and Director of General Education)
  • Michael Wolfe (Dean, Division of Social Sciences)

Council Conveners:

  • Cheryl Littman (Acting Dean, Office of Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Lizandra Friedland (Research and Assessment Coordinator)

 April 7, 2014 presentations:

December 10, 2012 presentations:

Previous assessment forum presentations:

Academic Program Review

The Academic Program Review process is one of the primary means by which Queens College maintains the quality of our academic programs. While the process can be burdensome and demanding for departments, as well as expensive and time-consuming for the administration, the knowledge gained is vital to the improvement of programs and the allocation of scarce college resources. A good program review should yield an assessment of all major features of an academic department, including its faculty, students, curriculum, research, and support services, and provide the department with a plan for its future development.

For background information, it may be useful to consult the recommendations of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, our regional accrediting body. The 2002 edition of its Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education—which gives eligibility requirements and standards for accreditation—emphasizes assessment, including a requirement that student learning outcomes be assessed. The Characteristics are posted on the Commission website; posted here are a summary of the new standards and complete copy in pdf.

QC Academic Program Review Schedule

The following documents are normally distributed to a department when it is charged with a review: