Clubs and Organizations

wdt_ID Club Name Location Club Email Type
1 Alliance of Latin American Students Student Union, LL 03 / Cultural- To showcase our Latino culture and to create culturally accepting ambiance for all Queens College students.
2 Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity Greek
3 Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Greek
4 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Nu Mu Chapter Greek
5 Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity Student Union, LL 18 Greek
6 American Association for Family and Consumer Science Social- To learn the career path for our major as well as networking with students in our field and on campus.
7 ASCEND Student Union, LL 12 / Academic- To further students careers in accounting and finance professions as well as develop leaders to inspire.
8 Asez
9 Asian Students In Action Student Union, LL 05 Cultural- Provide a space for people from all Asian cultures to interact and network. We will give back to the community by exposing people to diverse cultural events, as well as through volunteering efforts.
10 Association of Latino Professionals in For America (ALPHA) Student Union, LL 10 / Academic- To enhance professional contacts, teach valuable life skills and mentor students.
11 Bangladesh Students Assocition / Cultural- To promote international friendship, improve interculture relations and create a stronger bond of unity between eastern and western cultures. Also to further the acknowledgement of Bangladesh and its cultures and traditions.
12 Billiard's Club
13 Black Student Union Student Union, LL14 Social- Provide a space for minority students to convene and discuss issues facing the community.
14 Bliss and Wisdom International Academic- Teach students about appreciation and learn why its important to keep the environment clean.
15 Bukharian Cultural Club Cultural/Ethnic- Allow Bukharian and non-bukharian students to learn about and embrace various aspects of Bukharian culture.
16 Caribbean Student Association Student Union, LL 14 Cultural/Ethnic- To educate QC students on the culture and heritage of the Caribbean.
17 Catholic Newman Club Student Union 207-208 Religious- Provide a open & accepting environment for students to express religious views and do charitable works.
18 Chabad Jewish Student Club Student Union, LL 27 Religious- Educate and inspire students of all backgrounds to appreciate the joy of Judaism.
19 Chess Club Special Interest- Allow people to learn and play chess.
20 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
21 Chinese Christian Fellowship Student Union, LL 28 / Religious- To introduce Christianity to the student, and share the gospel and help students who newly immigrate to U.S.
22 Circle K Community Service Organization Student Union, LL 43 Service- To foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, and to develop abilities and the abilities of all people.
23 Committee for Disabled Students Kiely 175
24 CUPB Student Union, LL 26 Promoting and coordinating of well balanced programming of student initiated activities to meet all types of cultural, social, religious etc. needs of the student body.
25 Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Greek