Emergency Grant Fund Services and Resources

The Queens College Emergency Fund and Resources page is here to assist all students who may be experiencing a financial hardship or emergency. While the Emergency Grants, such as The Carroll & Milton Student Petrie Grant and the Gerstner Helping Hands Grant, are only for specific financial emergencies and situations, these resources listed can be of assistance to all and any students!

Far too many students are now experiencing food insecurity and other unexpected financial needs can threaten the timeline of higher education success, delaying graduation or contributing to dropout and our focus is to assist as many students as we can!

Some of our financial programs are funded through our Emergency Grants, and similar criteria is needed while others are just Queens College Resources for all students. For any questions about any of the resources listed below, please contact the corresponding office or petriegrant@qc.cuny.edu.

Here’s to your continued academic success!

Knights Table Food Pantry

The Knights Table Food Pantry, overseen by the Office of Student Development and Leadership (OSDL) at Queens College is dedicated to the success of all our students in our CUNY system. Our mission is to assist and empower all Queens College/CUNY students by providing members of our community here at Queens College and in other CUNY schools with essential and basic needs at no cost.

Website Link: Food Pantry – Student Development and Leadership (cuny.edu)

Appointment Link: Book Your Appointment with Queens College, Knights Table Food Pantry – Educational Institution (setmore.com)

The Carroll & Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant

The Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund has been created to provide quick response emergency grants to matriculated students in good standing with short-term financial emergencies.

The Fund seeks to assist students in emergency financial need so that they may continue their education and graduate from Queens College!

Please be sure to make your request as clear as possible. Additional documentation will be requested after application is complete to determine eligibility.


Website Link: Queens College Student Emergency Grant – Student Life (cuny.edu)

Application Link: Petrie Student Emergency Grants Application – Formstack

QC Hillel: The Grocery Box

QC Hillel has partnered with Met Council to launch a kosher digital food pantry for QC and QCC students and their families. By signing up for the digital food pantry, you will receive a special “Grocery Box” every 2 weeks that is filled with fresh and non-perishable food, recipes and more.

Website Link: Kosher Food — Queens College Hillel (qchillel.org)

For more information, please email Lynng@qchillel.org or visit Student Union Room 206.

The Gerstner Helping Hands Emergency Fund

Gerstner Philanthropies was founded by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. and includes the Gerstner Family Foundation, founded in 1989, and other philanthropic vehicles of Mr. Gerstner and his family.

Focused on supporting organizations across four major program areas—biomedical research, educational opportunities, environmental sustainability, and assistance for people who have suffered a temporary setback and could use a “helping hand” to restore their equilibrium—Gerstner Philanthropies has made over $200 million in grants since inception.


Website Link: https://www.qc.cuny.edu/sl/petrie-student-emergency-grant/

Application Link: Petrie Student Emergency Grants Application – Formstack

Queens College Stop and Shop Gift Card

The QC Stop and Shop Gift Card opportunity allows students who cannot access the Knights Table Food Pantry due to one or more of the following: living far from campus so you cannot access the pantry, taking only online classes so you don’t come to campus, or if you are unable to use the Knights Food Pantry.

Website Link: Student Development & Leadership | Queens College, CUNY

Application Information: https://forms.office.com/r/XHXDmu0Efq

Looking for assistance? Please email the Associate Director for Student Life Civic Engagement at Arianna.Livreri@qc.cuny.edu

Immigrant Student Support Initiative

The Queens College Immigrant Student Support Initiative provides support to students with varying immigration statuses, including, but not limited to, undocumented, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), asylum-seeking, Temporary Protect Status (TPS), refugee, permanent residents, pending changes, and those that live in mixed-status families.

Specifically, the Initiative helps eligible students access in-state tuition, apply for financial aid through the Senator José Peralta New York State Dream Act, connect students with legal resources and scholarship opportunities, and inform students of professional development-related information.


Website Link: Queens College Immigrant Student Support Initiative

CUNY Email List Link: Join Our Email List Here!

Appointment Link: Authentication | Navigate (eab.com)

CUNY Edge Program

CUNY EDGE provides eligible students in pursuit of an undergraduate degree with a wide range of services, supplemental resources, and support needed to succeed in college and in their career




Website Link: CUNY EDGE | Queens College, CUNY

Application Link: To schedule an appointment please email Meryl.mintzer@qc.cuny.edu

Additionally you can create and appointment by clicking the following link: https://calendly.com/meryl-mintzer-1/30min

Queens College Metro Card Program

The QC Metro Card Program can provide enrolled and eligible students in emergency financial need with Metro Cards. Students can receive up to 3 months of 30-day Unlimited Metro Cards for MTA transportation for academic purposes.


Metro Cards will be awarded and are to act as a means of transportation for academic purposes. Students must be enrolled in classes with an in-person component to be eligible.

Students must also complete the form below and list “transportation” or “Metro Cards” as your request. Additional instructions will be provided via email.


Application Link: Petrie Student Emergency Grants Application – Formstack

Two students looking at a laptop while sitting on the grass.

Queens College Book Voucher Program

Need to order books and materials from Akademos, but interested in a payment plan? The QC Book Voucher Program gives all students the opportunity to receive a voucher for the total of their required or optional materials on Akademos.

This voucher will cover the entire expense, and you will enter into an agreement to pay back the voucher by the end of the semester. The Bookvoucher Program can also assist students with accessing their online coursework and textbooks if required by the instructor.

Students have the opportunity to share their supplies request in the application. Please note requests are approved on a case-by-case basis and as supplies last.

Application Link: Petrie Student Emergency Grants Application – Formstack