Two students sitting on steps working together with a laptop.

” Discimus ut Serviamus: We learn so that we may serve”

Welcome to the Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program

Launched in 1966, SEEK is designed to reach qualified equity-deserving high school graduates. SEEK Students are holistically supported by the program from admission until graduation. Incoming freshmen start in the summer with an intensive college-prep experience; successful completion is required for fall matriculation. Incoming transfer students previously enrolled in any Higher Education Opportunity Programs (CD, SEEK, EOP, or HEOP) are also eligible for SEEK and receive all its additional services and benefits. Additional academic support services through, supplemental instructors, writing and STEM consultants, tutors, and peer mentors, are available. Eligible SEEK Students are financially covered for student activity fees, receive a waiver for the college commitment deposit fee, receive educational grants to assist with college expenses and two additional semesters of financial aid (TAP). Relevant self-actualization programming, student groups, leadership development, mental wellness, and internship opportunities are part of the program offerings. Each student is assigned a staff counselor who offers customized college advising and is equipped to address personal, social, and psycho-emotional concerns. A culture of student success, reflected in community and support, is embedded within the program.

Office Information

Director: Norka Blackman-Richards
Dept. Office: Delany 128
Phone: 718-997-3100

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