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Tuition / Bursar

How much does it cost to attend QC?

Semester Charges

Each time a student registers and makes adjustments, the semester tuition and fees bill is calculated and recalculated based on the following charts:
 Effective Fall 2017
New York State Resident
Out-of-State Resident or International Student 
Undergraduate Full-time / max (degree student) $3,265 / semester $580 / credit*
Part-time (degree student) $285 / credit $580 / credit
     Credits: $285 total $580 total
Non-Degree $415 / credit* $865 / credit*
     Credits: $415 total $865 total
Graduate Enrolled in 12 or 
more credits / max
$5,225 / semester $805 / credit*
Enrolled in less than 12 credits $440 / credit $805 / credit
     Credits: $440 total $805 total
Non-degree $440 / credit* $805 / credit*
     Credits: $440 total $805 total
Contact Hours $65 / hour $85 / hour
* There are no maximum tuition charges.


Applying for Financial Aid? This can help: Financial Aid Estimator

Material and Transportation Fees

Some courses have Material and Transportation Fees attached to them. A listing of courses with M&T fees can be viewed here.

Academic Excellence Fee (Graduate Students)

The City University of New York Board of Trustees approved the implementation of an Academic Excellence Fee effective Spring 2016. This fee supports the costs to enhance the instructional and program quality offered to our graduate students enrolled in certain graduate level program plans. For a listing of the program plans and their fees click here.

Student Fees

Fall and Winter/Spring Semester fees below already include the Activity Fee, Consolidated Service Fee,  Senate Fee and Technology Fee.

Fall and Winter/Spring
Enrolled in 12 or more credits / max
Enrolled in less ​than 12 credits
Undergraduate $ 303.85 $ 208.85
Graduate $ 260.85 $ 198.35

Winter Session

Students registered in the Winter session will be responsible for student fees (see above).  Please note: all Winter tuition rates are per credit.


Winter & Spring Session Enrollment

Students registered in both the Spring semester and Winter session will be charged only one set of student fees (see above) based on the total combined number of credits enrolled in. Please note: all Winter tuition rates are per credit.

Summer Session Fees

All visiting students pay the higher non-degree tuition rate. There are no maximum tuition charges during Summer Session. All tuition charges are per credit.

NOTE: If student takes SS I & SS II there is only one Tech Fee


A Undergraduate -
Act. Fee $64.60, Cons. Fee $15, Tech. Fee $62.50 or $125 over 12cr
Session I $142.10
B Undergraduate -
Act. Fee $78.85, Cons. Fee $15, Tech. Fee $62.50 or $125 over 12cr
Session II $156.35
C All Cooperating Teachers - (Undergrad. and Graduate)
Act. Fee $25.00, Cons. Fee $15, Tech. Fee $62.50
D Graduate -
Act. Fee $56.85, Cons. Fee $15, Tech. Fee $62.50
Act. Fee $70.85, Cons. Fee $15, Tech. Fee $62.50

Session I
Session II

E Senior Citizen (NYC residents 60 or over)
Undergraduate classes only.
  No Tuition


Other Fees

  • Application fee - $65 entering undergraduates, $70 transfer, $125 graduates
  • Change of program (add/drop/swap on or after first day of the semester -- not your first day of classes) - $18
  • Consolidated fee - $15
  • Duplicate bills, immunization records, etc. - $5
  • Duplicate diploma - $30
  • Duplicate ID card - $10
  • Lab & locker breakage - $25 or cost
  • Late registration (on or after first day of the semester -- not your first day of classes) - $25
  • Maintenance of matriculation (Graduate student only ­New York State resident) - $215
  • Maintenance of matriculation (Graduate student only ­non-resident) - $350
  • Materials and transportations charges - special fees as listed for some courses
  • Non-payment fee/reinstatement fee (if you fail to settle a bill by its due date) - $15
  • Payment reprocessing (bad checks) - $20
  • Re-admission fee - $20
  • Senior citizen auditors (includes consolidated service fee) - $80 per semester
  • Technology fee:
           Full-time student - $125 per semester
           Part-time student - $62.50 per semester
  • Transcripts (non-CUNY schools and student transcripts) $7 per transcript.
  • For a breakdown of the Undergraduate Student Activity Fees, click here.
  • For a breakdown of Graduate Student Activity Fees, click here.
  • For a breakdown of Summer Student Activity Fees, click here.
  • Private music lessons - for a listing of courses, click here.


Refund/Liability Schedule

Tuition refunds are based on the date the student officially drops a class or classes. Students who officially drop classes before the beginning of the semester are refunded their tuition and fees in full. Students who drop after the semester has started are billed in accordance with the published liability schedule for that semester. Activity fees are not refundable after the semester has begun. These dates are included in each semester's Bursar Information Letter.

Swapping is the dropping of one course and the adding of another course of the same number of credits, and cost, within a seven day period during the percentage liability period. This function allows for the student to drop/add during the liability period without incurring a percentage liability. Only an $18 change of program fee will be incurred.


A cautionary note:

Summer session – There are four sub sessions in Summer Session (4W1, 6W1, 4W2, 6W2). Swapping courses without a percentage liability will only be recognized when both classes are in the same sub session. 

 Office Information

Location: Jefferson Hall - Room 200
Telephone: 718-997-4500

Spring 2018 Bursar Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
​Tuesday & Wednesday ​5:00 - 7:00 pm
​(when classes are in session)
Friday​ 9:30 am – 1:00​ pm

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