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Academic Senate




              DATE:           September 11, 2014

 TIME:          3:35 P.M.
             PLACE:       Kiely Hall Room 170        
                                                                   A G E N D A
1.      Approval of Agenda
2.      Approval of Academic Senate meeting minutes dated:
                        May 8, 2014 and May 15, 2014 (see attachment)
3.      Announcements, Administrative Reports, and Memorials:
a.       Guest Speaker – President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez

                  b. The Agenda for Academic Senate meeting on October 23, 2014 will be prepared at the Executive Committee meeting on Thursday October 2, 2014. Any lengthy material to be considered by the Executive Committee on that date should be submitted to the Senate office, Kiely Hall Room 141A, or emailed to:  or by September 26, 2014.

4.      Special Motions


5.           Committee Reports:
a.   Undergraduate Curriculum Committee minutes dated May 8, 2014 
b.  Graduate Curriculum Committee - Sociology name change                                 
c.   Nominating Committee Report September 11, 2014
6.           Old Business
a.        Nominating Committee Elections

i.      Faculty– Arts and Humanities

ii.   Student
     a.  Math and Natural Science
                      b. At-Large
7.   New Business  
a.    Election of up to 2 faculty members’ At-Large for each of the following
sub-committees of the CUNY Core Review Committee (CCRC)
1.      “English Composition,” “Creative Expression”, and “Individual and Society.”
2.      “Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning,” “Life and Physical Science,”    and “Scientific World.”

3.      “World Cultures and Global Issues” and “U.S. Experience in its Diversity.”       



 Office Information

Academic Senate
Kiely Hall Room 141

Manuel Sanudo, Chair QC Academic Senate 

Phyllis D'Alessio, Administrative Assistant


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