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Center for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies

Center for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Fall 2015 Classes

Center for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Fall 2015 Classes
GRKST 100- Modern Greek Culture and Civilization
CODE 74928 Tues and Thurs 1:40-2:55 pm
Credits 3 Kiely 115
Prof. Christos P. Ioannides
This course will examine the main characteristics of Greek culture from the post Byzantine era to the present. We will discuss the major ideological trends and the dynamics that led to the emergence of modern Greek identity and the formation of the modern Greek state, including the world of literature, music and the arts in general.
ART 200- Art of the Silk Road
CODE 59046 Tues and Thurs 12:15-1:30 pm
Credits 3 Klapper 403
Prof. Warren Woodfin
Presented in conjunction with Queens College's observance of the Year of the Silk Roads 2015-2016, this course will focus on the art and architecture of the empires linked by trans Eurasian trade from late antiquity from the 4th to the 14th centuries C.E. The silk routes linked by Byzantium and the Mediterranean realm with Persia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, India and China. Although economic benefit was the major driver of travel between East and West, the course will also look at the ideological aspects of the movement of artistic styles and trappings of power among the kingdoms and empires of the silk routes. Not only textiles, but also precious metalwork, ivory and other luxury goods traded across these routes and with them traveled artistic motifs and ideas. The later part of the course will deal with the impact on the West of the Mongol conquests of the thirteenth century. The so called Pax Mongolica stimulated the last great burst of trans Eurasian trade in the medieval world and its impact on the arts cab be seen from Beijing to Constantinople to France. 
GRKMD 41W- Modern Greek Literature in Translation
CODE 60325 Tues and Thurs 7:45-9:00 am
Credits 3 King Hall 208
Prof. Gerasimus Katsan
Surveys Modern Greek literature in translation from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present. The authors and their works are examined not only for their individual stylistic and thematic elements but also within the context of European literary and cultural movements. Writing Intensive.
GRKMD 112- Elementary Modern Greek II
CODE 60326 Tues and Thurs 10:05-11:55 am
Credits 4 King Hall 107
Prof. Gerasimus Katsan
Prereq. GRKMD 111 or equivalent, or permission of the department. A continuation of GRKMD 111. Grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, speaking and listening comprehension will be developed.
GRKMD 204- Intermediate Modern Greek II
CODE 60327 Tues and Thurs 3:10-4:25 pm
Credits 3 King Hall 107
Prof. Eleni Natsiopoulou
Prereq. GRKMD 203 or permission of the department. A continuation of GRKMD 203, with grammar review, conversation, composition, and readings in literary and cultural materials. Selections from prose and poetry.
GRKMD 223- Modern Greek Conversation
CODE 60328 Tues and Thurs 6:30-7:45 pm
Credits 3 King Hall 107
Prof. Eleni Natsiopoulou
Prereq. GRKMD 112 or permission of the department. For students who have an elementary knowledge of Greek and wish to improve their ability to converse. Recommended especially for students in GRKMD 203/204.
GRKMD 305- Modern Greek Literature I
CODE 60329 Tues and Thurs 5:00-6:15 pm
Credits 3 King Hall 107
Prof. Eleni Natsiopoulou
Prereq. GRKMD 204 or equivalent, or permission of the department. A course designed to improve the literary vocabulary and writing skills of students by a close reading of various literary texts.
**Taught in Greek**
GRKMD 335- Modern Greek Studies: The Short Story
CODE 60331 Tues and Thurs 12:15-1:30 pm
Credits 3 King Hall 107
Prof. Gerasimus Katsan
**Cross listed as CMLIT 336- Forms of Fiction CODE 65901**
Taught in English translation, this course will follow the development of the short story in Greece, arguably the most important fictional form in Greece for the majority of the modern period. Selected readings from both 19th and 20th century writers including Papadiamantis, Vizyenos, Karkavitsas, Myrivilis, Samarakis, Koumandareas and others.
**Taught in English**
HIST 209- Byzantine Empire, 324-1025
CODE 61526 Tues and Thurs 3:10-4:25pm
Credits 3 Kiely 417
Prof. Warren Woodfin
This course will examine the history of the Byzantine Empire from 324, when Constantinople. the capital of the Empire, was founded, to 1025, the year Emperor Basil II died. Though a combination of primary sources and secondary literature our goal is to addess and comprehend several aspects, historical, social, artistic, of this unique political entity.
URBST 255- Ethnic Community Politics in the United States: the Case of the Greek Americans
CODE 60096 Tues and Thurs 10:45-12:00 pm
Credits 3 PH 253
Prof. Christos P. Ioannides
This course will exane the role of the ethnic communities in American politics focusing on Greek Americans. The role of ethnicity in politics will be viewed in the context of broader social, cultural, and political phenomena. Ethnic lobbies, including the Greek lobby, will be discussed in the framework of state and national politics and in conjunction with the role of Congress in foreign policy. The sources of politicization of the Greek American community will be analyzed with the emphasis on the 1974 Cyprus crisis and the assertive role of Congress, at that time, in influencing US foreign policy in the Eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey and Cyprus).
GRKST 390 Tutorial
CODE 74930 **Hours to be announced**
Credits 3
-Upper Junior/Senior status required-
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