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The Research Center for Korean Community

The 13th Seminar

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 6:30 PM

KCS Auditorium (KCS 강당), 35-56 159th Street, Flushing, NY 11358


Presentation I: "The Korean Community in Argentina"

: Carolina Mera, Professor and Director of the Graduate Social Research  Institute, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

 According to the Migration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce of the Republic of Korea, there were more than 6.5 million people living outside the Korean peninsula in 2009. In 2009 the Korean population in Latin America reached 107,029 people of whom 48,419 lived in Brazil, 22,024 in Argentina, 12,072 in México, 5,229 in Paraguay, 9,921 in Guatemala and about 4,000 in Chile, Peru and Ecuador. The Koreans in Latin America maintain a high level of inter-regional mobility supported by family and friends established in the USA, Canada and the countries of the region.

We can talk about a Korean migration to Argentina since 1965. It reached its peak in 1990, when about 42,000 Koreans resided in Argentina. Half of this population arrived between the years 1984 and 1989, settling mainly in Buenos Aires, the capital city. Around year 2000, during the economic crisis this figure decreased dramatically, but at present there are about 22,000 people of Korean ancestry in Argentina.

The two main characteristics of Korean immigrants’ adaptation in Argentina are: 1) a high level of re-emigration to other countries -mainly to the U.S. and Canada, facilitated by their transnational networks and 2) family-migration patterns.

Their economic activities are concentrated in the garment industry: production and retail and wholesale trades. In general, Korean immigrants have experienced an accelerated process of economic mobility that is helped by many community organizations and rigid work-discipline.

Presentation II: "The Current Status and Major Issues of Multicultural Studies in Korea"
(한국의 다문화 연구 현황과 과제) 
Presenter: Kyoung Ha Park, Professor of Department of History, Chung-Ang University, Korea
                        (박경하 교수, 중앙대학교 역사학과)

박경하교수는 한국연구재단으로부터 지원을 받아 2007년부터 2016년까지의 「다문화에서의 소통과 공존을 위한 다문화콘텐츠 연구 개발」 프로젝트의 연구책임자로 있다. 

한국사회는 1990년도 초부터 저임금의 이주 노동자의 거주와 1990년대 후반 농촌 총각의 국제결혼의 급증으로, 통계에 의하면 2008년 현재 초등학교에 입학한 다문화 가정의 자녀들은 1만 8천명을 상회하고 있다. 2009년에는 해외에서 유입된 이주민이 100만명을 넘었서며 다문화사회의 초입단계로 진행하고 있다. 이 발표에서는 이주노동자, 결혼이민자, 이주민(조선족, 고려인 등), 탈북 새터민 등의 한국사회에서의 적응과 갈등, 정부의 지원정책 등의 현황을 살펴보고, 다문화 사회화하는 과정에서의 향후 과제들을 제시하고 있다.


 Past Events

Mar 28, 2018The 40th Seminar - "North Korean Artists and North Korean Art Before and After the Korean War" by Dr. Oug-Ja Kim
Dec 01, 2017The 39th Seminar -"Intimate Partner Violence Victimization among Korean Immigrant Women in the USA"
Oct 13, 2017The 8th Annual Conference titled "The Redress Movement for the Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery"
Sep 27, 2017Free Film Screening: “Spirits’ Homecoming (귀향)”
Jun 09, 2017The 37th Seminar - Presentaion by Prof. Chigon Kim
May 04, 2017International Conference titled "Ethnic Enclaves and Urban Regeneration"
Apr 19, 2017The 36th Seminar - Presentation by Professor Pyong Gap Min
Nov 05, 2016RCKC's 7th Annual Conference
Sep 27, 2016The 35th Seminar - Presentation by Prof. Edward Park at Loyola Marymount University in LA
Sep 01, 2016Book Release Party for 'Korean Language Teachers in NY'
Aug 09, 2016The 34th Seminar - "Presentation by Prof. Chigon Kim and Pyong Gap Min"
Jul 12, 2016The 33rd Seminar - "Presentation by Professor Jaigi Kim at Chonnam National University"
May 31, 2016The 32nd Seminar - "Presentation by Professor Angie Chung, SUNY at Albany"
Mar 01, 2016The 31st Seminar - "Presentation by Prof. Pyong Gap Min"
Nov 07, 2015The Sixth Annual Conference - "Made in Korea, Assembled in the U.S.: Personal Narratives of Korean Adoptees"
Aug 12, 2015The 30th Seminar - "Presentation by Professor Dae Young Kim at George Mason University"
Jun 24, 2015The 29th Seminar on The "Comfort Women" Issue
Apr 15, 2015The 28th Seminar - "Presentation" by prof. Chang Hwan Kim at University of Kansas
Feb 20, 2015The 27th Seminar - "힘없는 이민자와 소수민족을 위한 투쟁: 존 김과 구수현의 이야기"
Dec 11, 2014The 26th Seminar - "Presentation by Dr. Hyuncheol Kim"
Sep 25, 2014Announcement - "The RCKC Benefit Gala 2014"
Jun 19, 2014The 25th Seminar - "Presentation" by Professor Pyong Gap Min
Apr 25, 2014The Fifth Annual Conference of the Research Center for Korean Community at Queens College
Mar 19, 2014The 24th Seminar - Lecture by Professor Edward Taehan Chang at UC Riverside
Jan 07, 2014The 23rd Seminar - "Presentation by Pyong Gap Min and Audrey Joo"
Nov 30, 2013Announcement of 2013 NADRI Dissertation Scholarships
Oct 31, 2013Deadline for Essay Contest on Korea and/or Korean Culture
Aug 27, 2013Book Release Party
Jul 10, 2013The 21st Seminar - "Presentation by Professor Young Sang Yim at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies"
Apr 05, 2013The 4th Annual Conference on April 5 and April 6, 2013
Feb 27, 2013Presentation - "The Generational Differences in the Socio-economic Attainments of Korean Americans in the NY-NJ Metropolitan Area"
Nov 17, 2012The 2012 Conference - "Korean American Experiences: History and Contemporary Trends"
Sep 12, 2012Book Forum for The Managed Hand: Race, Gender and the Body in Beauty Service Work by Miliann Kang
Jul 19, 2012The 18th Seminar--Presentations by Two Visiting Scholars from Japan and China
Jun 14, 20121. Does Cram Schooling Matter? Who Goes to Cram Schools? 2. Twice Migrant Koreans in the U.S.
May 05, 20122012 Dissertation Fellowship Recipients Announced
May 04, 2012Legal Seminar to be Held on May 3 at KCS
Apr 23, 2012Forum on Sa-I-Gu (4.29)-Reflecting on the 1992 LA Riots
Apr 15, 2012Application Due Date for The 2012 Dissertation Scholarships Has Been Extended to April 15, 2012
Feb 21, 2012Presentation - "Growth and Settlement Patterns of Korean Americans, 1990-2010"
Jan 17, 2012The 13th Seminar
Nov 18, 2011The 2nd Annual Conference and Benefit Gala
Sep 20, 2011 The 12th Seminar with Dr. Chai-Shin Yu - "Historical Contribution of Koreans to Chinese Culture"
Jul 26, 2011Session II: Presentation - Acculturation and Ego Integrity among Korean Elderly People in New York City
Jul 26, 2011Session I: Book Forum for professor Eleana Kim's new book, 'Adopted Territory: Transnational Korean Adoptees and the Politics of Belonging'
May 12, 2011Presentation - "Korean Media's Discourses on Racial Conflicts"
Apr 07, 2011Contentious Spirits, Religion in Korean American History 1903-1945
Feb 28, 2011Dissertation Scholarship Program
Jan 27, 2011Koreans' Immigration in the United States: History and Contemporary Trends
Nov 22, 20107th Seminar
Oct 07, 2010The International Conference
Sep 15, 2010Research Study on Korean Food Culture by Dr. Gyu Jin Lee
Aug 19, 2010Korean Literature in America
May 25, 2010New Book and Presentation
Mar 16, 2010Presentation and Release of the 2nd Research Report
Mar 12, 2010Growth of the Korean Population and Changes in their Settlement Patters, 1990-2008
Mar 11, 2010Marital Patterns and Use of Mother Tongue at Home among Native-Born Asian Americans
Dec 03, 2009An Annotated Bibliography on Korean Americans
Sep 17, 2009The Present Situation of Koreans in Japan
Sep 17, 2009Koreans in Japan: Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Education
Feb 19, 2009Queens College Research Center’s Opening Ceremony
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