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Undergraduate Programs in Art History

Major: BA in Art History (36 Credits)



    • ARTH 101: History of Western Art I
    • ARTH 102: History of Western Art II
    • ARTH 001: Introduction to Art may be substituted for ARTH 101 or 102, but ONLY if it is taken before the student declares a major in Art History
    • AP Art History credit: If you received a grade of 4 or 5 on the AP Art History exam in high school, you may receive transfer credit for ARTH 001 only


    • Electives must be selected from ARTH 110-115, 200-299, and 310-349.  They must include at least one course from at least three of the general areas of Art History: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, Modern, and Non-Western.
    • Majors with suitable preparation may take graduate-level courses for major credit, with the permission of the instructor.
    • Majors who wish to take more than three art history courses in the same semester must obtain written permission to do so from the art history advisor.


    • This capstone course is required for all Art History majors, and must be taken in your final year in the program.
    • Offered every Fall semester.  If your final semester at QC is in the Fall, ARTH 300 must be taken in your final semester.  If your final semester is in the Spring, the course must be taken in the Fall semester before your final semester.

II. HISTORY COURSES: 6 Credits (2 courses)

          Majors must also take 6 credits in the History Department, which should be chosen in                 consultation with the undergraduate major advisor.  ​​Art History is one branch of the                   larger field of history, and students must be aware of other kinds of historical inquiry                   and methodology.  There is no restriction on what courses you may take in the history               department; any 2 history courses will fulfill this requirement.  You are advised to                       choose broad intro-level courses, as upper- level courses for history majors may require             too much prior background.  It is suggested that you choose courses in the history of an             area, culture, or time period whose art you are interested in, to provide you with further             depth in art history (i.e., if you are most interested in modern art, take modern                         European or American history; if you are interested in the art of China, take Chinese                 history).    

III.  FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 0-12 Creds., depending on prior background                                (This is IN ADDITION TO the general College language requirement)

               This may be satisfied by one of the following options: 

      1. ​​​Four semesters of college-level French, German, Italian, or Chinese, or a documented Regents diploma in one of these languages.  You may receive a maximum of 1 or 2 semesters' credit for Advanced Placement high school classes if: a) you scored 4 or 5 on the AP test, and b) the relevant college language department allows you to start at level 2 or 3 instead of the first semester of that language.    
      2. Three semesters of one of the above languages, plus an introductory course (or a course for reading) in a second of these languages.                     
      3. Two semesters of ancient Greek or Latin, plus an introductory course or a course for reading in French, German, Italian, or Chinese.
      4. Students who have attained competency in any of the required languages by other means (native speaker, residence or short study abroad, non-academic classes, etc.) may, at the discretion of the department, request to demonstrate their proficiency by passing the Art Department's own one-hour language reading examination. They may also petition for acceptance of one other language specifically related to their fields of professional interest, which must be demonstrated through coursework or other activities. 

            IV.  DEPARTMENTAL ADVISING         

        • ​​​​All art history majors are required to see the undergraduate major advisor in Art History at least once each semester, to discuss progress and plans for the following semesters.                                                                                                                     

 Minor in Art History (18 Credits)

           I.  INTRODUCTORY SURVEYS​ (6 Credits)
      • ARTH 101: History of Western Art I
      • ARTH 102: History of Western Art II
      • ARTH 001: Introduction to Art may be substituted for ARTH 101 or 102, but ONLY if it is taken before the student declares a minor in Art History
​​           II.  ELECTIVE COURSES (12 Credits)
      • ​​Four elective courses, which must include one course from at least three of the general areas of art history—Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, Modern, and Non-Western—to be selected from ARTH 110–115, 200–299, and 300–349. ​


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