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Classical Studies

Classic Studies Major

The Classics Major is a new Humanities program that incorporates courses from other departments in order to emphasize the culture of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds. 

Download requirements for Classic Studies Major

For the Major in Classical Studies,  students will be required to take 36 credits, distributed as follows: 

Six Core courses (18 credits): drawn from the  following areas:
  • Latin 101 Classics 150 or Comp. Lit 101  (survey of classical literature)
  • Classics 120 or a course on the  history of Ancient Greece
  • Classics 130 or a course on the  history of Ancient Rome
  • Classics 140 (Classical Mythology)
  • Classics 240 or a course on the  history of ancient Philosophy
  • Classics 250  
Advanced credits (6 credits):
  • Classics 300
A second section of Classics 300 or any other appropriate 300-level course or seminar from English, Art, History, Philosophy, or Comparative Literature (with adviser's approval).  

Four electives (12 credits):

Chosen in consultation with the adviser, drawn from: Any course in Greek, Latin, or Classics not counted as a core course, such as:
  • Art 110, 205, 206, 207
  • Comparative Lit. 333, 334
  • Drama 201
  • English 380
  • History 113, 205, 206, 207, 208
  • Philosophy 140, 250, 264
Because the content of the courses which constitute some of the "core" courses, as well some of the electives which are introductory courses in other departments, are typically offered as part of an introductory liberal arts sequence in other colleges, transfer students are likely to have satisfied some of the requirements before entering Queens.

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Professor Joel Lidov
Co-ordinator and Advisor
Location: King Hall, Room 111
Phone: 718-997-5582

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