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Classical Studies

Courses in Translation

140. Classical Mythology

Analysis and interpretation of Greek and Roman mythology: the various theories of its origins, a comparison with similar mythic elements in other ethnic groups, and the influence of the myths on the religious and patriotic concepts of classical times and on classical and modern languages and literatures.

150. Greek and Latin Classics in Translation

An introduction to the masterpieces that have made the literature of Greece and Rome an enduring part of the modern heritage. The course includes Homer, Herodotus, Greek Tragedy, Greek and Roman Lyric, Greek and Roman Comedy, Roman Epic, and Ovid.

250. Ancient Epic and Tragedy

The study in English translation of Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and their influence.

240. Religion and Philosophy in Ancient Greece and Rome

An examination of the official state cults, of unofficial forms of worship such as the mystery religions, of the influx and spread of such Oriental deities as Mithra and Isis, and the rise of Christianity. Greek philosophical ideas that spread to Rome and frequently supplemented or served in place of religion for some segments of the population are also studied.


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