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Faculty and Staff


 Classical Studies Faculty and Staff


Jinyo Kim
Assistant Professor of Classics

King Hall, Room 210B
Phone: 718-997-5572

PhD, Columbia University

A recipient of the College Teaching Award, Prof. Kim teaches Greek at all levels, and all levels of in-translation courses in Greek and Latin literature, and Greek civilization and thought, including writing intensive sections; she is scheduled to teach Homer at the Graduate level. Her research centers on Homer and the conception of the "tragic" in the post-Homeric classical tradition.

Joel Lidov
Coordinator and Advisor for Classics

King Hall, Room 111
Phone: 718-997-5582

Research Interests Page

Professor of Classics. Ph.D. Columbia University; Department Chair, 1983-95, Acting Chair, Spring 2011

Prof. Lidov teaches, at the College, all levels of Greek, sometimes Latin, and middle and upper-level in-translation courses, including Writing-intensive; at the graduate level, Homer, Pindar and Sophocles. His research specializes in early lyric and dramatic Greek poetry, with a special interest in metrical and rhetorical form, and in the theory of Greek Metrics.

Ursula Schoenheim
Professor Emerita of Classics

, Room
Phone: --

PhD Cornell University; Department Chair, 1980-82

Prof. Schoenheim is most closely identified with the Greek Mythology class but has also taken over main responsibility for the Latin courses, and some Greek.


 East Asian Studies Faculty and Staff


Lewis Cook
Associate Professor of Japanese

King Hall, Room 113B
Phone: 718-997-5568

Research Interests Page

PhD, Cornell University

Prof. Cook teaches advanced Japanese reading courses, Classical Japanese, Classical Chinese, East Asian Literature in translation, and developed a writing intensive course on the Book of Genji and Japanese women writers. His research specialities are the editing of Classical manuscripts, poetics, Classical Japanese hermeneutics, and literary theory, and he translates Classical Japanese.

Xiao Li
Assistant Professor of Chinese

King Hall, Room 211A
Phone: 718-997-5583

PhD, Rutgers University

William McClure
Associate Professor of Japanese (Queens College) and Linguistics (Graduate Center), Coordinator and Advisor for Japanese

Kiely Hall, Room 904
Phone: 718-997-5790

Research Interests Page

PhD, Cornell University; Department Chair 2005-2010

Prof. McClure is responsible for the Japanese language program, and teaches language and culture at Queens, and semantics and Japanese linguistics at the Graduate Center; he is also expert on the uses of technology in teaching. Prof. McClure is a recipient of the College Teaching Award.

Prof. McClure is currently serving as Acting Dean of Faculty for the Division of Arts and Humanities.

Yunzhong Shu
Associate Professor of Chinese

King Hall, Room 213
Phone: 718-997-5576

Research Interests Page

PhD Columbia University; Department Chair, 2002-2004

Prof. Shu teaches in or oversees the elementary and intermediate modern Chinese courses, teaches advanced Chinese literature and developed the course in Chinese fiction-in-translation. His research focuses on modern Chinese fiction and modern Chinese literary criticism.

Gopal Sukhu
Acting Chair, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Coordinator and Advisor for East Asian Studies

King Hall, Room 113C
Phone: 718-997-5570

PhD, Columbia University; Department Chair, 1999-2002

Prof. Sukhu teaches Classical Chinese (introductory and poetry, especially), and has participated in teaching the elementary courses; he teaches the pre-modern portions of the East Asian literature and culture in-translation courses and developed the writing-intensive course on Asian Religion. His research centers on Classical poetry and its Classical interpretations, to which he brings special interests in religion (especially shamanism and Buddhism) and the relation of ritual and ideology. He also translates Classical Chinese.


 Middle Eastern Studies Faculty and Staff


Ammiel Alcalay
Professor of Hebrew

King Hall, Room 201
Phone: 718-997-5586

Research Interests Page

PhD, City University of New York; Department Chair, 1995-1999

A recipient of the College Teaching Award, Prof. Alcalay has taught Sephardic Literature (both Hebrew and in-translation), and a variety of courses on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean literacy and intellectual culture and its contemporary and modern reception, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as creative writing. A comparatist by training, he specializes in these topics and in Balkan literatures and history, poetics, and theories of translation; he publishes translations of Hebrew and Bosnian, as well as his own poetry.

Abdurrahman Atcil
Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies

King Hall, Room 113A
Phone: 718-997-5579

Research Interests Page

PhD, University of Chicago

Abdurrahman Atcil is assistant professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. Before joining Queens College faculty, he was post-doctoral scholar at Harvard Law School. He received PhD from the University of Chicago, MA from Bilkent University and BA from Marmara University.

Sami S Chetrit
Assistant Professor of Hebrew, Coordinator and Advisor for Hebrew

King Hall, Room 210F
Phone: 718-997-5574

Research Interests Page

PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A renowned Hebrew poet and writer, Professor Chetrit is an inter-disciplinary scholar and teacher. He's been teaching for the last fifteen years courses on Hebrew modern language and literature, culture and politics of Israel. Here at Queens College he teaches Hebrew language on all levels, Hebrew Literature and Israeli Media, both in Hebrew and in translation. He is also the coordinator and advisor for the Hebrew language Major and Minor programs.

Emanuel S. Goldsmith
Professor Emeritus, Coordinator and Advisor of Hebrew

King Hall, Room 203
Phone: 718-997-5570

Research Interests Page

PhD, Brandeis, Rabbinical Ordination, Jewish Theological Seminary

Prof. Goldsmith teaches courses in Israeli and European Jewish (Hebrew and Yiddish) literary and intellectual culture as well as Biblical Hebrew literature; he also supplies courses on Judaism for Religious Studies. He specializes in the Haskalah (Jewish Enlightenment) and in American religious thought.

Mark Pettigrew
Assistant Professor in Arabic

King Hall, Room 210D
Phone: 718-997-5562

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Miryam Segal
Assistant Professor in Hebrew

King Hall, Room 210C
Phone: 718-997-5570

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Susan Spectorsky
Associate Professor Emerita of Arabic and Islamic Studies

King Hall, Room 203
Phone: 718-997-5570

Research Interests Page

PhD, Columbia University

Prof. Spectorsky created and taught the entire Arabic curriculum, including language and literature-in-translation courses and the historical surveys of Islamic civilization and of revival and reform in Islam in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; at the graduate level, she taught Islamic Spain. Her research speciality is the interpretation of the texts of Muslim jurisprudence, and the pre-modern civilization of Islam.


 Office Information

Miryam Segal
Department Chair
Location: Queens Hall, Room 215
Phone: 718-997-5570
Fax: 718-997-5577

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