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Middle Eastern Studies

Hebrew Studies
The Department offers courses in the Hebrew Language, Biblical Aramaic, Hebrew, Sephardic, Yiddish and Israeli literature and culture. Language instruction prepares students to understand and appreciate the literature and civilization of the Jewish people by developing skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and translation.

The Department offers a diverse range of courses for advanced students with a command of Hebrew; these include courses in Biblical, Talmudic, Medieval, and modern Hebrew literature, and Israeli culture. In many of these courses, Hebrew is used as the classroom language. The Department also offers a wide range of courses in English on Hebrew literature of various periods as well as Israeli, Sephardic, and Yiddish literature and culture. 

Hebrew language courses offered include:
  • Hebrew 101: Elementary Hebrew I
  • Hebrew 203: Intermediate Hebrew I
  • Hebrew 305: Advanced Modern Hebrew
  • Hebrew 341: Midrash & Aggada
  • Hebrew 356: Contemporary Israeli Literature
All of the course numbered 300 and above satisfy the college language requirement in Hebrew.               

The Hebrew Major
The major requires 30 credits beyond 101-102.  All students are requires to take a minimum of 18 credits in courses in Hebrew numbered above 300.  Remaining credits may include additional courses in Hebrew, courses in Arabic or Yiddish, or courses in Hebrew, Jewish, Israeli, or Mideastern literature or culture given in English. For more details, consult the departmental adviser.

The  Hebrew Minor
The minor in Hebrew consists of 18 credits in Hebrew beyond Hebrew 102. At least three of these courses must be taken at Queens. For details, please consult the adviser or the chair.

 Office Information

Professor Emanuel S. Goldsmith
Co-ordinator and Advisor
Location: King Hall, Room 210B
Phone: 718-997-5589

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