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Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures


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Chair Discipline Office Phone Email
Miryam Segal Hebrew Queens Hall 215 718-997-5589
Full-Time Faculty Discipline Office Phone Email
Ammiel Alcalay Hebrew Queens Hall 245F 718-997-5586
Abdurrahman Atcil Arabic and Islamic Studies Queens Hall 345A 718-997-5579
Sami S. Chetrit Hebrew Queens Hall 345F1 718-997-5574
Lewis Cook Japanese Queens Hall 245C 718-997-5568
Mari Fujimoto Japanese Queens Hall 240 718-997-5548
Jinyo Kim Classics Queens Hall 225B
Seongyeon Ko Korean Queens Hall 345D 718-997-5562
Xiao Li Chinese Queens Hall 345G 718-997-5583
Pau Pitarch Fernández Japanese Queens Hall 345E 718-997-5584
Jacob Mackey Classics, Latin Queens Hall 345F2
William McClure Dean of Arts and Humanities
Queens Hall 210 718-997-5790
Gopal Sukhu Chinese, East Asian Studies Queens Hall 225A
Yunzhong Shu Chinese Queens Hall 220 718-997-5576
R. Shareah Taleghani Arabic, Middle East Studies Queens Hall 245D
Adjunct Faculty Discipline Office Phone Email
Hala Abdelghany Arabic Queens Hall 232​
Soubeika Bahri Arabic Queens Hall 232
Jihae Chai Korean Queens Hall 232
Hassan Eddahabi Arabic Queens Hall 232
Mohammed Ezzeldin Middle Eastern Studies Queens Hall 232
Deborah Gruber Hebrew Queens Hall 232
Mamori Hughes Japanese Queens Hall 232
Matthew A. Keil Classics Queens Hall 232
Mana Kobuchi-Philip Japanese Queens Hall 232
Yeonju Lee Korean Queens Hall 232
Yitzhak Lewis Hebrew, Religious Studies Queens Hall 232    
Nan Li Chinese Queens Hall 232
Li Ma Chinese Queens Hall 232
Thomas William Moody Classics Queens Hall 232
Geoffrey L. Nutter Classics Queens Hall 232
David Keith Sage Classics Queens Hall 232
Benjamin Sammons Classics, Latin Queens Hall 232
Wen-Shan Shih Chinese Queens Hall 232
Yael Susan Wender Hebrew Queens Hall 232
Namseok Yong Korean Queens Hall 232
Serinity Young Asian Studies, Tibet Queens Hall 232
Jia Xuan Zhang Chinese Queens Hall 232
Department Secretary Discipline Office Phone Email
Mei-Lun Chang   Queens Hall 215 718-997-5570
Faculty Emeriti Discipline Office Phone Email
Emanuel S. Goldsmith Hebrew 718-997-5570
Joel Lidov Classics
Ursula Schoenheim Classics 718-997-5570
Susan Spectorsky Arabic and Islamic Studies 718-997-5570

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