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Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures

Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic Culture, Sephardic and Israeli Culture)

Contact for Arabic program: Rebecca Shareah Taleghani
Contact for Hebrew program and Middle Eastern Studies: Sami Chetrit

Major programs are available in Hebrew and Middle Eastern Studies. Arabic, Hebrew, and Yiddish may be studied for a minor in that language or as part of a major.


Degree requirements for a BA in Hebrew

Required: 30 credits beyond HEBRW 101 and 102. Students must consult the advisor for placement in the language program and to determine the distribution of credits for the major. HEBRW 203 and 204 may be applied to the Hebrew major only if students have been placed into these courses by the department. All students are required to take a minimum of 18 credits in courses in Hebrew numbered above 300. The remaining credits may include additional courses in Hebrew, courses in Arabic or Yiddish, or courses in Hebrew, Jewish, Israeli, or Mideastern literature or culture given in English. At least 12 credits must be taken at Queens College. Students must attain an average of at least 2.0 in the courses composing their major. (30 credits)


Degree requirements for a BA in Middle Eastern Studies

Foreign language:

  • Both A and B must be satisfied:
    • Two semesters of college-level Arabic (at an appropriate level depending on proficiency).
    • Two semesters of Hebrew, Farsi, Turkish, or two more semesters of Arabic. An exemption for this half of the requirement will be given to students who satisfy the college language requirement in one of the four languages. (6-12 credits)

Introductory courses:

  • MES 160 and MES 255; or, one of these two courses and one of the following history courses: HIST 146–149. (6 credits)

Core courses:

  • Four of the following: HIST 204, 256 or 298, MES 155, 240, 250 or 260, PSCI 240, or one more introductory course (listed above) not already taken. (12 credits)


  • Three additional courses chosen in consultation with an advisor within the department’s offerings in Arabic, Hebrew, or Middle Eastern Studies, or college-wide courses relevant to the Middle East. (9 credits)

Senior Seminar:

  • Either A or B must be satisfied:
    • MES 380
    • With permission of an advisor, a 300-level course or seminar on a Middle Eastern topic in another department (for example, HIST 339). (3 credits)

Requirements for a Minor in Arabic

Required: 15 credits beyond ARAB 102, of which 6 credits will normally be in language study (ARAB 203 and 204); the others will be in courses taught in English relevant to the history and civilization of Islam and the literature and culture of the Arab world. Programs should be arranged in consultation with the area coordinator or the chair. 


Requirements for a Minor in Hebrew

Required: 18 credits in Hebrew beyond HEBRW 102. For details, please consult the coordinator or the chair. At least three of these courses must be taken at Queens College. (18 credits)


 Office Information

Miryam Segal
Department Chair
Location: Queens Hall, Room 215
Phone: 718-997-5570
Fax: 718-997-5577

Faculty and Staff Information

Language Placement

Language Coordinators

Upcoming Language Placement Exams

  • April 20th, 2016, Queens Hall 325.
    Students may arrive between 12pm and 2:30pm for placement for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 courses.
  • May 23rd, 2016, Queens Hall 325.
    Students may arrive between 4pm and 6pm for placement for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 courses.


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