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Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures

Joel Lidov

Professor of Classics, Coordinator and Advisor for Classics
Department Chair, 1983-95, Acting Chair, Spring 2011

Phone: 718-997-5582

PhD, Columbia University

Joel Lidov teaches, at the College, all levels of Greek, sometimes Latin, and middle and upper-level in-translation courses, including Writing-intensive; at the graduate level, Homer, Pindar and Sophocles. His research specializes in early lyric and dramatic Greek poetry, with a special interest in metrical and rhetorical form, and in the theory of Greek Metrics.

Research Interests

My primary field of research, publication, and graduate teaching is early Greek poetry--epic, lyric, and tragedy. I have a special interest in how poets such as Pindar, Sappho, or Sophocles use form or structure as a component of meaning and persuasion.


In Queens College I teach courses in Greek and Latin language and on Greek and Latin authors. I also teach courses in which we read the authors in translation. I especially enjoy the course on epic and tragedy, in which we can participate with Homer and Greek tragedians in an examination of what it means to lead a human life, and the course on the classical backgrounds of English literature, where we see how both ancient and modern writers create new meanings by adapting, reinterpreting, and subverting the traditions that have preceded them.

I regard a knowledge of the Classics - the literature and the history, the myths, the forms of expression, the languages - as one of the most powerful tools available for increasing our ability to think about the world we live in.


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Miryam Segal
Department Chair
Location: Queens Hall, Room 215
Phone: 718-997-5570
Fax: 718-997-5577

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