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CUNY Council on World Language Study

Graduate Center Faculty


Chair: Dee Clayman
CUNY Council Rep:  


Name Language Work Number Email
Ronnie Ancona Greek and Latin 212-772-5065
Dee L. Clayman Greek and Latin 212-817-8151
Tamara Green Greek and Latin 212-772-5061
Hardy Hansen Greek and Latin 718-951-5814
Robert Koehl Greek and Latin 212-772-5181
Joel Lidov Greek and Latin 718-997-5582
Kathleen Morgan Greek and Latin 718-960-8032
Sarah Pomeroy Greek and Latin 212-772-5065
Jennifer Roberts Greek and Latin 212-650-6397
Peter Simpson Greek and Latin 718-982-2902
Jacob Stern Greek and Latin 212-817-8157
Craig Williams Greek and Latin 718-951-5078
Donna Wilson Greek and Latin 718-951-5193



CUNY Council Rep:  


Name Campus Work Number Email
Richard A. Brooks Brooklyn 718-982-3654
Royal S. Brown Queens 718997-5748
Mary Ann Caws GSUC 212-817-8365
Edouard Glissant Hunter 212-817-8365
Nancy K. Miller Graduate Center 212-817-8315
Francesca Sautman Graduate Center 212-817-8365
Eve Sourian City 212-650-6414



CUNY Council Rep:  


Name Campus
Work Number Email
Tamara S. Evans Queens 718-997-5790
Eckhard Kuhn-Osius Hunter 212-772-5068
Annette Kym Hunter 212-772-4985
Christa Spreizer Queens 718-997-5587



Executive Officer: Lia Schwartz 
Deputy: Susana Reisz
CUNY Council Rep:  


Name Campus Language Work Number Email
Alberto Blasi Brooklyn Spanish 718-951-5451
Raquel Chang-Rodriguez City Spanish 212-817-8413
Marithelma Costa Hunter Spanish 212-817-8427
Ottavio DiCamillo GSUC Spanish 212-817-8410
Ana Diz Lehman Spanish 212-817-8421
Malva Filer Brooklyn Spanish 212-817-8413
Rene Pedro Garay City Portuguese 212-650-7929
Marlene Gottlieb Lehman Spanish 212-817-8413
Isaias Lerner GSUC Spanish 212-817-8412
Irma Llorens Queens Spanish 212-817-8421
Jose Miguel Martinez-Torrejon Queens Spanish 212-817-8427
Jose Munoz Millanes Lehman Spanish 212-817-8427
Oscar J. Montero Lehman Spanish 212-817-8229
Ricardo Otheguy GSUC Spanish 212-817-8506
Gerardo Pina Lehman Spanish 212-817-8426
Gregory Rabassa Queens Spanish 212-817-8421
Susana Reisz Lehman Spanish 212-817-8393
Lia Schwartz GSUC Spanish 212-817-8411
William Sherzer Brooklyn Spanish 212-817-8427


 Office Information

Council Office:
Box B6-280
Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 646-312-4217
Fax: 646-312-4211


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