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Comparative Literature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is, and what can I do with a Comparative Literature degree?

Comparative Literature is an excellent background for graduate work in any area of the humanities, law, library science, etc., and because of the training it involves, a Comparative Literature degree can lead to a career in, to name but a few, journalism, creative or non-fiction writing, editorial or publishing work, international public relations, translating or teaching, public speaking, the arts, or the communications, public media, and advertising industries.

How is it going to help me in the future?

The tangible skills, knowledge, and habits of mind cultivated as a Comparative Literature major do open an enormous field of post-Baccalaureate activities, particularly in light of "globalization." The ability to translate, an understanding of foreign cultures and an awareness of cultural difference, a sensitivity to rhetoric and the means, conventions, and economies of narrative, the ability to frame problems critically and to elaborate multiple solutions-all of these, no less than the writing and editing expertise one gains as a student of Comparative Literature are eminently portable skills.

How can transfer credits be applied to the major/minor?

Final decisions and information regarding transfer credits come from the Registrar's Office.

How many transfer credits can be applied toward the major?

A student can receive up to 30 credits toward a Queens College Department major from an outside college or university. First, the Queens College Department has to approve the credits. Second, the Registrar must also approve.

How many transfer credits can be applied to my degree?

Of a student's total credits, a minimum of 45 must be earned at Queens College in order to graduate. Up to 74 credits from outside Queens College can count toward graduation. However, of the final 60 credits, 30 must have come from Queens College.


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