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Drama, Theatre & Dance

Faculty choreographed dance show
May 13-16, 2004
Goldstein Theatre

Choreography by: Jennifer Jessum, Susan Matthews, Te Perez, David Wes Sadowsky

Director: Susan Matthews
Lighting Design: Stephen Petrilli
Costume Design: Daniel James Cole
Stage Manager: Sharlyne Shlayan
Production Manager: Rpbert Sweetnam
Technical Director: Ike Rathbone

Asst. Stage Manager:  Aaron Grant
Wardrobe Assistants:  Lizette Montesinas
  Tara Schmitt
Light Board Operator:  Kimberly Chesler
Sound Board Operator:  Michelle Balmaseda
Fly Rail Operator:  Robert Gutwillig 
Stagehands:  Edwin Ramos, Jr.
  Harry Askenazi
Technical Assistants:  Tony Wevers
  Samuel Lee 

Choreography: Te Perez
Dancers: Doxa L. Constantinidou, Kissena Fibieuil, Tracy Glancz, Falyn Hafers, Michael Kidney, Lisa Letteri, Jeanette Mancuso, Rebecca Mazzella, Melissa Sackowski, Sandra Stokes, Kristin Zahorodny 

Theme and Variation: A Moders Take on a Balanchine Classis
Choreography: David Wes Sadowsky
Dancers: Michael Caban, Christina Caputo, Maria Caputo, David Wes Sadowsky

Falling for Bhagavan
Choreography: Jennifer Jessum
Video Direction: Jennifer Jessum
Video Production: Jennifer Jessum & Jillian Harris
Rehearsal Assistant: Michael Kidney
Dancers: Sylvie Almonor, Adriana Andaluz, Michael Caban, Jennifer Chowdhury, Falyn Hafers, Michael Kidney, Lisa Lettieri, Jeanette Mancuso, Bethanne Margies, Rachel O'Brien, Melissa Sackowski, Kristin Zahorodny

Lateral Remains
Choreography: Susan Matthews
Decor: Chris Christofaro
Dancers: Michael Caban, Christina Caputo, Maria Caputo, Doxa L. Constantinidou, Veronica Galindo, Michael Kidney, Bethanne Margies, Rachel O'Brien, Danuta Petrow-Sek


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