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Drama, Theatre & Dance

Choreographers' Showcase 2003
Student choreographed dance show
December 4-7, 2003
The Performance Space, Rathaus M11

Faculty Advisors: Susan Matthews, Jacqui Malone
Lighting Design: Gregg Carville
Stage Manager: Jess Ewing
Production Manager: Robert Sweetnam
Technical Director: Isaac Rathbone

Student Production Assistant:  Natalya Dabakarova
Student Technical Assistants:  Tony Wevers, Denise Holguin, Samuel Lee, Tara Schmitt 
Light Board Operator:  Mary Rabel
Sound Board Operator:  Edwin Ramos, Jr.
Stagehands:  Michelle Balmaseda, Erin Clancy

Take Your Passion
Choreographer: Rachel O'Brien
Dancers: Rachel O'Brien, Bethanne Margies, Lauren Stahl

Raft Out of Driftwood
For my Dad
Choreographer: Nicole Graffeo
Dancer: Nicole Graffeo

Jessica Keaveny
Co-Director: Rachel O'Brien
Dancers: Rachel O'Brien, Lauren Stahl, Christina Corsini, Doxa Constantinidou, Christopher O'Selmo, Brie Piccirillo

In Memory
Lisa Lettieri
Dancers: Lisa Lettieri, Sylvie Almonor, Michael Caban, Jennifer Chowdhury, Jacklyn Gamble, Aamina Jasani, Michael Kidney, Jeanette Mancuso, Rebecca Mazzella, Melissa Sackowski

Common Ground
Choreographers: Bethanne Margies & Chris O'Selmo
Dancers: Bethanne Margies, Christopher O'Selmo

After Hours
Kristin Zahorodny
Dancers: Kristin Zahorodny, David Arzberger, Michael Caban, Susan Erenberg, Kimberly Sobin, Jennifer Chowdhury, Laura Willett, Megan Stevenson

Windows Into Me
Logan Kirby
Dancers: Logan Kirby, Chikako Yoda, Veronica Galindo, Jen Surry, Allison Johnson-Kendall, Jamila Harris

Fate in Retrograde
Michael Kidney
Dancers: Michael Kidney, Lisa Lettieri, Bethanne Margies, Kristin Zahorodny, Christina Corsini, Doxa Constantinidou, Veronica Wojno, Rebecca Mazzella

Pristine Timelessness
Christina Caputo
Dancers: Christina Caputo, Maria Caputo

Constant Reminder
Chris O'Selmo
Dancers: Chris O'Selmo

Michael Caban
Dancers: Michael Caban, Maria Caputo, Irene Fotakis, Jamila Harris, Veronica Galindo, Chikako Yoda, Christina Caputo, Michael Kidney, David Arzberger


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