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Drama, Theatre & Dance

Choreographers' Showcase 2007
Student choreographed dance show
April 25-29, 2007
Rathaus Hall M11

Choreography by: Danielle Diaz, Rosana Hernandez & Reena Parsram, Najeri Grant & Muriel Peterson, Brie Piccirillo, Lisa Cancel, Jennifer Suarez, Alicia Mason, Lauren Stahl

Faculty Supervisor: Susan Matthews
Lighting Designer: Anjeanette Stokes
Stage Manager: Kara Berardi
Production Manager: Lauren Walsh
Technical Director: Gary Mccomiskey

Assistant Stage Managers:  Charlotte Krug
  Dominick Magnotta 
  Elyse Price 
  Tananna Russel 
  Danit Yasgur 
Electricians:  David Atkinson
  Amanda Hart
Light Board Operator:  Marisa Bischof
Sound Board Operator:  Ivana Jankovic
Deck Crew:  Diana Taveras 
Crew:  Students of Drama 111, 115, 318, 319 & Dance 290 

Choreographer: Lauren Stahl
Dancers: Diandra Michelle Foy, Alicia Mason, Suzy Mejia, Yevgeniya (Jenny) Mikhaylova, Sandra Morilus, Stephanie Zappone

Metal Gear Solid
Choreographer: Alicia Mason
Dancers: Jennifer Augusto, Midori Endo, Gina Marie Greco, Rosana Hernandez, Alicia Mason, Tamika N. Mason, Stephanie Zappone

Inner Demons
Choreographer: Danielle Diaz
Dancers: Stefanie Cusumano, Brittany Fedus, Katie Miles, Lucy Nuzzo, Brie Piccirillo 

For the Love of Hip Hop
Najeri Grant & Muriel Peterson
Costumes: Amina Katan
Dancers: Christine Arato, Terrice Boone, Martine Castor, Najeri Grant, Kyra Isolano, Muriel Peterson, Joe Trombino, Ka Cheong Wong

Choreographer: Lisa Cancel

Dancers: Jennifer Augusto, Lisa Cancel, Diana Krawiec, Alicia Mason, Tamika N. Mason, Jenny Mikhaylova

Lose Control
Choreographer: Brie Piccirillo

Dancers: Stafanie Cusumano, Danielle Diaz, Laura Gryzik, Daphney Jaquitte, AnnMarie Milhonic, Lucy Nuzzo, Christina Oddo

Mi Mayura
Choreographers: Rosana Hernandez & Reena Parsram
Dancers: Lisa Cancel, Vishwani Deonarain, Diandra Foy, Rosana Hernandez, Jenny Malagon, Jenny Mikhaylova, Sandra Morilus, Reena Parsram

Choreographer: Jennifer Suarez

Dancers: Alana Cermeli, Brittany Fedus, Lauren Stahl, Jennifer Suarez

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