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Drama, Theatre & Dance

Choreographers' Showcase 2008
Student choreographed dance show
May 7-11, 2008
Rathaus Hall M11

Click here for production photos.

Choreography by: Martine S. Castor, Danielle Diaz, Chie Egawa, Laura A. Gryzik, Alicia Mason, Suzy Mejia, King Wong

Faculty Supervisor: Diann Sichel
Lighting Supervisor: Jeff Greenberg
Sound Designer: Nel Paese
Stage Manager: Kara Berardi
Production Manager: Ralph Carhart
Technical Director: Floyd Bussie Jr.
Master Electrician: Jeff Greenberg

Assistant Stage Manager:  Nikki Minard 
Electricians:  Shawheen Hazrati
  Anna Peterson
Light Board Operator:  Vanessa Bontea
Sound Board Operator:  Jessica Zivny
Run Crew:  Ryan Girdusky
  Jennifer Moraitis
  Aaron Pollard 
  Kerri Salas 
Crew:  Students of Drama 001, 100, 111, 115, 318, 319 & Dance 290 

Lay Down My Burdens
I. The Sirens - II. I'm Calling You - III. Bonum et Malum - IV. Across the Bridge
Choreographer: Alicia Mason
Lighting Design: Matt Bellas
Dancers: Diandra Michelle Foy, Alicia Mason, Suzy Mejia, Yevgeniya (Jenny) Mikhaylova, Sandra Morilus, Stephanie Zappone

Choreographer: Danielle Diaz
Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Dancers: Samantha Beneventano, Martine Sarah Castor, Tara Catanzarite, Danielle Diaz, Midori Endo, Laura A. Gryzik, Kyra Isolano, AnnMarie Milhonic, Lucy Nuzzo, Christina Oddo, Katie Oliver

Days in July
Choreographer: Chie Egawa
Lighting Design: Charlotte Feld
Dancers: Chie Egawa, Irina Gonzalez, Suzy Mejia

Lost Love
Choreographer: King Wong

Lighting Design: Henry Cheng
Dancers: Ying Dong, Ting T. Fu, Nana Nyarko, Tong Qiao, King Wong, Tracy Zheng

Dance is Me
Choreographer: Martine Sarah Castor
Lighting Design: Matt Bellas
Dancers: Samantha Beneventano, Alana F. Cermelli, Laura A. Gryzik, Kyra Isolano, AnnMarie Milhonic, Christina Oddo, Katie Oliver

Urban Forest
Choreographer: Suzy Mejia

Lighting Design: Jason Capote
Dancers: Richard Cho, Eric Fong, Luis Hernandez, Jr., Jessica Lopez, Thit Lwin, Suzy Mejia, Judith Nicolas

Can't Wait Anymore
Choreographer: Martine Sarah Castor

Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Dancer: Martine Sarah Castor

Choreographer: Laura A. Gryzik

Lighting Design: Jason Ehrens
Dancers: Tara Catanzarite, Courtney Glasco, Laura A. Gryzik, AnnMarie Milhonic

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