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Drama, Theatre & Dance

The College Plays
A World Premier Festival of ine Short Plays Set on College Campuses
October 21-24 & 28-31
The Performance Space - Rathaus M11

This production is dedicated to the memory of our colleague


Director: Susan Einhorn
Set Designer: Charlie Calvert
Lighting Designer: Lea Xiao
Costume Designer: Daniel Cole
Sound Designer: Richard Louis-Pierre
Technical Director: Troy McVey
Production Manager: Lisa Weicker

Warm Up
by Emily Bloch
Setting: The mainstage of Queens College's Goldstein Theatre before a matinee, the present.
She: Tamara Green
He: Mario-Francisco Robles

Stabbing O.J.
by Drew Sachs
Setting: A university campus in Connecticut, a college dorm room.  An afternoon in June 1977.
Mondial: Marvin Duverne
Isaiah: Drew Burke
Alexie: Aaron Grant

The Search Committee
by Janet Neipris
Setting: A conference room at a university in upstate New York, the present.
Prof. Charles Small: Joel Bernard
Prof. Nicolette Tchernechofsky: Susan Erenberg
Prof. Gordon Gordon: Aaron Grant
Prof. Eleanor Lincoln: Marsha Reid
Asst. Dean Ralph Moore: Marvin Duverne
Rachel Riley: Sofiya Akilova

by Nicole Quinn
Setting: A TV studio at a midwestern college, the present.
Kelly: Kristin Zahorodny
Kelly's Interpreter: Marvin Duverne
Jenna: Tamara Green
Dave: Drew Burke
Max: Joel Bernard
Pilar: Marsha Reid
Sammy: Mario-Francisco Robles
Devin: Susan Erenberg
Donna: Laura Kabelka
Ashley: Danielle Faith Leonard
Professor/Mad Scientist: Aaron Grant
Camera Operator: Anthony Biondello

She Lives Alone in Maine
by Regina Corrado
Setting: Sandy Lawrence College in New England.  The green room, adjacent to a lecture hall, the present.
Lonnie: Laura Kabelka
Annie: Susan Erenberg
Doc: Dan Fodera
Cynthia: Sofiya Akilova
Announcer: Mario-Francisco Robles

Math Lab
by Ira Hauptman
Setting: A math lab at Queens College, evening, the present.
Karl: Mario-Francisco Robles
Amanda: Danielle Faith Lombard
Ray: Aaron Grant

Campus Security
by Arthur Giron
Setting: The office of Campus Security at a small college in Kentucky, the present.
Forest Lawless: Dan Fodera
Dolores de la Cueva: Laura Kabelka

Romeo Hates Juliet
by Laura Shaine Cunningham
Setting: A college hallway and a freshman drama class performance space.  The action takes place from the beginning of rehearsals through opening night, over a period of several weeks.
Julie/Juliet: Sofiya Akilova
Ramon/Romeo: Mario-Francisco Robles
Tina/The Nurse: Laura Kabelka
Paul/Paris: Joel Bernard
Dante/Samson: Drew Burke
George/Gregory: Aaron Grant
Prof. Schwartz/Lady Capulet: Marsha Reid
Chair Harris/The Prince: Marvin Duverne
Mal/Lord Capulet: Tamara Green

Point of All Return
by Liz Bartucci
Setting: Outside the doors of the performance space, Queens College.
Jane: Sofiya Akilova
Jude: Joel Bernard

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 Important Dates

October 27
"Cloud 9"
November 03
"Cloud 9"
December 01
"XWhY:Dances of a Genderation"
October 28
"Cloud 9"
October 29
"Cloud 9"
October 30
"Cloud 9"
November 04
"Cloud 9"
November 05
"Cloud 9"
November 05
"Cloud 9"
November 06
"Cloud 9"
December 02
"XWhY:Dances of a Genderation"
December 03
"XWhY:Dances of a Genderation"
December 04
"XWhY:Dances of a Genderation"

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