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Drama, Theatre & Dance

Choreographers' Showcase 2010
Student choreographed dance show
May 12-16, 2010
Rathaus Hall M11

Click here for production photos.

Choreography by: Samantha Beneventano, June Boyd, Letticia Camacho, Joynell Carr, Raynon Coombs, Erica Furman, Kyra Isolano, Christina Jacildo, Sharifa Linton, Yi Wen Ma, Alicia Mason, Judith Nicolas, Svetlana Ovsyannikova, Danielle Reynolds

Faculty Supervisor: Edisa Weeks
Lighting Supervisor: Jeff Greenberg
Sound Designer: Nel Paese
Stage Manager: Stephen Winburn
Production Manager: Ralph Carhart
Technical Director: Floyd Bussie Jr.
Master Electrician: Jeff Greenberg

Electrician:  Matt Bellas
Light Board Operator:  Milana Kakuriyeva
Sound Board Operator:  Winston Graham
Wardrobe Crew:  Maria Concha
Crew:  Students of Drama 001, 100, 111, 115, 318, 319 & Dance 290 

Friction (Shut Up 'N' Dance)
Choreography: Christina Jacildo
Lighting Design: Brittany Wood
Sound Editing: Lara Visconti, Christina Jacildo
Dancers: Irvin K-otik Ajes, Letticia Cray Camacho, Joynell Boo-D Carr, Midori Monster Endo, Christina DMC Jacildo, Moe MoMo Kitafuji, Danielle MJ Reynolds, Iris Ladyy Vazquez, Michael Kells Verre

Acceptance: "Soul Deep"
Sharifa Linton
Lighting Design: Brittany Wood
Dancers: Juliet Dolan, Celina Gamba, Sharifa Linton, Judith "Jae" Nicolas, Alicia Sammarco

Choreography: Svetlana Ovsyannikova
Lighting Design: Christine Ambrosio
Sound Editing: Christina Jacildo
Costume Design: Yulia Gricuk, Svetlana Ovsyannikova
Dancers: Diana Avallone, Alex Finkelstein, Megan Gallego, Elina Israel, Christina Jacildo, Svetlana Ovsyannikova, Rey Salazar

Fill in the Blanks...
Danielle Reynolds
Costume Design: Liana Beer & Isabelle Parzygnat
Lighting Design: Henry Cheng
Sound Editing: Christina Jacildo
Dancers: Diana Avallone, Jessica Guillaume, Sharifa Linton, Alicia Mason, Gena Novelli, Danielle Reynolds, Iris Vazquez

No More
Choreography and Performance: Kyra Isolano
Lighting Design: Henry Cheng

Cold Case Love
Choreography: Joynell Carr

Lighting Design: Jason Capote
Costume Design: Deborah Uzurin
Dancers: Samantha Beneventano, Patrick Boursiquot, Joynell Carr, Erica Furman, Christina Jacildo, Nana Nyarko, Danielle Reynolds, Daphaney Jacquitte

Choreography: Rayvon Coombs
Lighting Design: Christine Ambrosio
Sound Editing: Christina Jacildo
Dancers: Monique Allen, Sharifa Linton, Letticia Camacho, Jamila Miller

Choreography: Erica Furman & Kyra Isolano
Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Dancers: Samantha Beneventano, Erica Furman, Laura Gryzik, Kyra Isolano, Yi Wen Ma, Nana Nyarko

Find Some Peace/Studio of Rhythmic Art
Choreography: Alicia Mason
Lighting Design: Henry Cheng
Dancers: Megan Curet, Celina Gamba, Michelle Kim, Alicia Mason, Lora Nesifort, Alicia Sammarco, Iris Vazquez

Choreography: June Boyd
Lighting Design: Christine Ambrosio
Costume Design: Bella Rozakis
Sound Editing: Christina Jacildo
Dancers: Patrick Boursiquot, Nana Nyarko, Nessa F. Rodriguez, Vanessa Youmans

leave me where i am
Choreography: Samantha Beneventano
Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Dancers: Samantha Beneventano, Erica Furman, Yi Wen Ma

When a Heart Screams in Silence (The Darkness Falls)
Choreography: Letticia Camacho
Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Costume Design: Deborah Uzurin
Sound Editing: NelPaese & Christina Jacildo
Dancers: Irvin Ajes, Letticia Camacho, Juliet Dolan, Celina Gamba, Christina Jacildo, Vanessa Youmans

emoTions from witThin
    I. Cries for Haiti
    II. Footprints
    III. Frustrated Cries of Lovers
    IV. Haiti's Rebirth
Choreography: Judith "Jae" Nicolas
Lighting Design: Jeff Greenberg
Costume Design: Liana Beer & Isabelle Parzygnat
Sound Editing: Francois Nicolas & Nel Paese
Text: Judith "Jae" Nicolas
Photos: William Farrington
Drummer: Roland Regos
Dancers: Judith "Jae" Nicolas, Nessa F. Rodriguez, Moe Kitafuji, Sharifa Linton, and guests


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