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Faculty and Staff


Karen Weingarten

Assistant Professor and Co-Director of First Year Writing
Assistant Professor and Co-Director of First Year Writing

Klapper Hall, Room 641
Phone: 718-997-4673

Research Interests

Karen Weingarten is currently working on a book entitled Beyond Life and Choice: Abortion and theLiberal Individual in Modern America, which presents a genealogy of theliberal rhetoric that currently subtends both the “pro-life” and “pro-choice”discourses of abortion today. The book demonstrates how early twentieth-centuryAmerican writers brought the abortion debate into the public sphere torepresent, resist, and create a rhetoric of abortion in fiction and popularculture. By bringing together a broad range of texts and archival materials,the project argues that the terms of life and choice are both caught in liberalideals of individuality, autonomy, and self-responsibility, which work toobscure abortion’s entanglement in larger questions about race, eugenics,economics, biopolitics, and, of course, gender.

Other research and teaching interests include digitalwriting and writing studies, feminist rhetoric, life politics in modern andcontemporary fiction, and early twentieth-century American literature. 


Professor Weingartenteaches first-year writing (English 110), courses in American literature, andcourses on writing, rhetoric, and methods in literary and writing studies forboth undergraduates and M.A. students.


“Authoring Wikis:Digital Collaboration and the Concept of Authorship in First-Year Writing.”Co-authored with Corey Frost. RadicalTeacher 90. Special Issue on Teachingwith Technology. (Spring 2011).

“Bad Girls and Biopolitics: Popular Fiction, PopulationControl, and Abortion Politics.” Journalof Literature and Medicine 29.1 (January2011).

“Between the Town and the Mountain: Abortion and thePolitics of Life in Edith Wharton’s Summer.”Canadian Review of American Studies40 (Fall 2010).

“The Inadvertent Alliance of Anthony Comstock and MargaretSanger: How Abortion Became Politicized.” FeministFormations 22.2 (Summer 2010). (FormerlyNational Women’s Studies AssociationJournal.


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