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Faculty and Staff

 Gerald Barker  George Held  Norma A. Phillips
 Nancy Comley  Alan D. Isler  Marie Ponsot
 Mario D'Avanzo  Fred Kaplan  Estelle Raben
 Charles Dahlberg  Kay Kier  Joseph Raben
 Rosemary F. Deen  David Kleinbard  Margaret Ranald
 Hugh Dignon  Michael Kowal  Stephen Stepanchev
 Edmund Epstein  Barbara Leavy  Donald Stone
 Susan Fox  Robert Lyons  Michael Timko
 Harvey Fried  Wendy Martin  Maureen Waters
 Norman Friedman  Joseph McElroy  William Wilson
 Stanley Friedman  Catherine McKenna  Susan Zimmerman
 Malcolm Goldstein  Charles Molesworth  Harriet Zinnes
 William Green  Anthony O'Brien  
 Beverley Gross  Janice Peritz  

 Content Editor


 Office Information

Chair: Glenn Burger
Office: Klapper Hall 607
Phone: 718-997-4600

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