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Master of Arts

Registration Information

Registering for Classes:

Frequently Asked Questions About Registration:


Registering for Classes

The pregistration period:

Preregistration is generally the week before the first day of regular registration. It is publicized in the English department and listed on the academic calendar. It is your responsibility to find out when preregistration is and to be proactive in contacting the DGS to get registered.

If you miss preregistration, you will still be able to get into many of the elective courses, but you will probably not be able to enroll in the required courses (636, 701, 702, 703, 662); these tend to fill up during the first few days of preregistration. So if you need one of these courses to graduate it is especially urgent that you show up for preregistration.

What to tell the person registering you:

Your 8-digit CUNY ID number and your first and last name.  Your choice of courses, listed both by course number and by course code, i.e., English 636 (0620). (Ignore the code that looks like E4T6, which just tells you what day of the week it meets; the key is that four- or five-digit code.) Please make sure they are on compatible days and fit the degree requirements for your program. Have a few backup choices in case your top choice is unavailable.

The regular registration period:

You will still need to go through the DGS if you are registering for the thesis course, an independent study course, if it’s your first semester here, or if you have some kind of special problem in your record. Otherwise, you can register on CUNYfirst.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Registration

Can the DGS sign me up for SEYS classes?

No, the DGS can only register you for English courses, not SEYS courses or courses in other departments.

Can the DGS tell me what courses I should take/figure out my transfer credits/explain why there’s a stop on my record?

If you have complicated questions about courses or your record, please try to contact the DGS before preregistration. Preregistration week is extremely busy, and the DGS may not be able to resolve your questions during that period of time. Also, spots in required courses go fast, and if you have to resolve other issues, the classes may fill up before your registration can be completed.

What if I can’t preregister?

If you’re a new student/non-matriculated student, you can’t preregister. The DGS will register you. If you are a non-matriculated student, you will be given a date for your registration, and on that date you may send your registration information to the DGS.

I really need this course but it’s full; what can I do?

If a class is closed, you should contact the professor and ask to be put on a waitlist or overtallied (an overtally means you get special permission to enroll in the course even though it’s full). Some professors do this, some don’t, but it’s worth asking. The DGS cannot give you an overtally; it’s up to the instructor to decide how many people s/he can have in the class. Meanwhile, the DGS will suggest alternative ways to enroll, equivalent courses to fulfill the requirement, or other people to approach who might be able to help.

Can you sign me up for a thesis/independent study?

If you need to sign up for the thesis or an independent study, pick up a sign-up form from your advisor or the English Department main office, fill it out, and put it in the DGS’s mailbox. Once the DGS receives that form, s/he can register you for the course. You can work on the thesis privately any time, but you must not sign up for the thesis course until a) you have an advisor and topic and b) it is definitely your final semester at QC.

Can you sign me up for these undergraduate deficiency courses?

Currently the English Department Assistant is the only person with the clearance to do this, so go directly to her. The English Department is located in Klapper 601, and the phone number is 718-997-4600.

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 Office Information

Director of Graduate Studies:
Andrea Walkden
Office: Klapper Hall, Room 604
Office Hours (Spring 2014): Mon 4:30-7:00pm, Wed 1:30-2:30pm, and by appointment

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies:
Caroline Kyungah Hong
Office: Klapper Hall, Room 636

Office Hours (Spring 2014): Tue 4:30-6:30pm, and by appointment

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