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Programs and Advising


All full-time faculty can advise students on matters relating to course selection. Please check with the English Department Office (Klapper Hall 601) for faculty office hours or click here to see their fall 2014 hours  . For questions relating to specific programs or issues, please see faculty below.

First Year Writing

Gloria Fisk
Amy Wan
Annmarie Drury

Honors Program

​Fred Buell

Taking Classes at Another College

Sian Silyn Roberts​


Evening Advisement

Jeffrey Cassvan (Mon.) 
Roger Sedarat (Mon.) 
Veronica Schanoes (Tue.) 
Fred Buell (Wed.) 
Hugh English (Wed.)  
Rhoda Sirlin (Wed.) 
Fred Gardaphe (Thu.)


 Office Information

Chair: Glenn Burger
Office: Klapper Hall 607
Phone: 718-997-4600


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