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Programs and Advising

English Major

After fulfilling the college’s EC1 requirement (ENGL 110), prospective English majors must take ENGL 130 (EC2) or its equivalent. ENGL 130 is not part of the English major but is a prerequisite for entry to the major. After completing EC1 and EC2, all English majors must take at least 13 courses, of which 7 are required, for a total of 39 credits. Transfer students must take a minimum of 18 elective credits in the major at Queens College. To meet the requirements for graduation as an English major, a student must maintain an average of 2.0 in the required and elective work in English and complete the course sequence noted in the box on this page.


Additional guidance in choosing courses within the major and supplementing the major will be provided by Faculty advisors. If you have not spoken to any other advisor, you can ask the Assistant or Associate Chair (in offices KP 601 and 603).

Requirements for the Major in English (Major code 038)

1. Required Courses (7 courses, 21 credits): 

  • Critical Reading and Writing (1 course, 3 credits): ENGL 170W
  • Literary History (5 courses, 15 credits): ENGL 251, 252, 253, 254, and 255
  • Senior Seminar (1 course, 3 credits): ENGL 391W

2. Electives (6 courses, 18 credits):

To complete their majors, students will select 6 courses from the other offerings of the English Department at the 200 or 300 level.



 Office Information

Chair: Glenn Burger
Office: Klapper Hall 607
Phone: 718-997-4600


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