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Bilingual Biliteracy Lab

 Elizabeth Ijalba is Assistant Professor in the Department of  Linguistics and Communication Disorders at Queens College, CUNY.  She teaches classes on language acquisition with a bilingual focus.  She is trained as a speech-language pathologist and her research focuses on literacy, bilingualism, and parent training.  She established the Bilingual Biliteracy Lab and is Principal Investigator for the Bilingual Early Language and Literacy Acquisition project (BELLA).  The aim of this project is to develop effective methodologies that can improve outcomes for children with autism, language disorders, and language delay from low-income immigrant families who speak a language other than English at home. 
Ijalba, E. Vocabulary gains in Spanish-English emergent bilingual children with language impairment and parental perceptions on home-language use after a parent training literacy intervention (under review)
Ijalba, E. Hispanic immigrant mothers of young children with autism:  How do they understand and cope with autism? (under review)
Ijalba, E., Obler, L.K., Shengappa, S. (2011).  Bilingual Aphasia: New Developments, in Handbook of Bilingualism, Eds. Bhatia, T. and Ritchie, W.C., (book chapter) Blackwell Publishing, MA, USA
Ijalba, E. (2010) Supporting early-literacy and language acquisition among bilingual children in Head Start. The Hispanic Caucus, Vol. 4, 3, 3-6.
Hyun, J. M., Ijalba, E., Signorelli, T., Conner, P. (2010).  Frontal Lobe.  In Hogan, P.C. (Ed.), The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences.  Cambridge University Press
Ijalba, E. (2008) Markers of dyslexia in adult Spanish-speakers who report severe difficulty learning English.  Proquest (Ph.D. dissertation)
Ijalba, E., Obler, L.K. (2006).  Crosslinguistic Aspects of Dyslexia in Spanish-English Bilinguals, in Communication Disorders in Spanish Speakers, Eds. Centeno, J., Obler, L.K., Anderson, R. (Book chapter) Mulitilingual Matters, UK., 243-255
Ijalba, E. Bilingual Early Language and Literacy Acquisition: A parent-training program for Latino parents of children with language disorders. Head Start’s 11th National Research Conference – Research on Young Children and Families: Effective Practices in an Age of Diversity and Change, June 2012, Washington, DC
Ijalba, E., Jeffers, C., Giraldo, A. Parent training and community organizing in early literacy with Latino families. ASHA Convention, San Diego, CA., November 2012
Ijalba, E., Jeffers, C., Giraldo, A., Penagos, A., Parmiter, J. Parent training and vocabulary gains when using the home-language. ASHA Convention, San Diego, CA., November 2012
Ijalba, E., Velasco, P., Crowley, C. Developing literacy skills for bilingual children (Spanish-Chinese-Korean).  Queens College and New York State Association for Bilingual Education.  Conference at QC, CUNY organized on March 3, 2012
Ijalba, E.  Parent-training:  Using the home-language to promote early-literacy in Latino families.  NYU Steinhardt, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders.  Colloquium, April 3, 2012.
Ijalba, E., Jeffers, C., Giraldo, A., Penagos, A., Parmiter, J. Spanish-speaking parents as “Home-Language Facilitators” for their children with language impairments:  Empowering parents through participatory research (2 hour workshop). NYSSLHA, April 26, 2012, Saratoga, NY
Velasco, P., Ijalba. E. Bilingual Special Education Reform: Implications for teacher education programs.  Morning and afternoon presentations at the Bilingual/Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Forum, NYC/DOE Division of Students with Disabilities & English Language Learners. May 17, 2012
Ijalba, E., Yao, M.T., Park, S.K.  Early-literacy practices in Chinese and Korean families living in Queens, N.Y.  Presented at NYSSLHA, May 5, 2011, Saratoga, NY
Ijalba, E. Supporting early-literacy and language acquisition among bilingual children in Head Start (1 hour presentation).  ASHA Convention, PA, November 2010
Processing speed as an effective diagnostic measure in ESL students. Ijalba, E. American Speech Language and Hearing Association, New Orleans, November 2009
Problemas de lectura en hispanohablantes adultos que reportan dificultad en aprender inglés. Ijalba, E.  Alfalito.  Graduate Center, NYC, September 2009

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Bilingual Biliteracy Lab at Queens College
Assistant Professor: Elizabeth Ijalba, Ph.D.
Bldg: Queens Hall   Room: 338
Phone: (718) 997-2872

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