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Linguistics and Communication Disorders

Undergraduate Major in Applied Linguistics: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Program Director: Michael Newman


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For students who matriculated at Queens College in Fall 2012 or later

This program prepares students for an Initial Certificate to teach English as a New Language (also called English as a Second Language or English to Speakers of Other Languages) in New York State public schools (all grades).  The curriculum is grounded in the study of the structure of human language in general and English in particular, and addresses issues of language acquisition, literacy, educational technology, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics.  The program emphasizes involvement with both elementary and secondary schools: it pro­vides a student teaching course and field experiences in two methods courses at both levels.

In order to qualify for an Initial Certificate in ENL (also called ESL or ESOL), students must undertake the following course work: (1) the general Queens College degree requirements (see  Academic Advising Center); (2) Course Work in Liberal Arts (see below); (3) Requirements for the Major (see below).

Course Work in Liberal Arts

  • The following two courses in American History: HIST 103 and 104
  • 12 credits of study in a foreign language (includes American Sign Language)

Part or all of the above course work may be satisfied by study toward the general Queens College degree requirements.

Requirements for the Major

  • Satisfactory completion of the following courses (see course descriptions): 
    • LCD 101. Introduction to Language
    • LCD 102. Analyzing Language
    • LCD 120. The Syntactic Structure of English I
    • LCD 130. The Sound Structure of English
    • LCD 205. Sociolinguistics
    • LCD 206. Bilingualism
    • LCD 220. The Syntactic Structure of English II
    • LCD 240. Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
    • LCD 241. Methods and Materials of TESOL: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (4 cr.)
    • LCD 307. Assessment in TESOL
    • LCD 312. Literacy and Language Arts in Multicultural Populations
    • LCD 340. Methods and Materials of TESOL: The Content Areas
    • LCD 341. Student Teaching Internship in TESOL I (5 cr.)
    • LCD 342. Student Teaching Internship in TESOL II (5 cr.)
    • SEYS 201W. Historical, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
    • SEYS 221. Development and Learning in Middle Childhood and Adolescence
    • EECE 310. Children in Cultural Contexts I: Child Development
    • ECPSE 350. Foundations of Special Education
  • No course will count toward the major with a grade lower than C-.
  • Passing the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) of the LCD department prior to taking LCD 240.  Proficiency is evaluated by the faculty based on a short written narrative and a taped interview with a faculty member.  The ELPT should be taken in the same semester as LCD 101.
  • Satisfying New York State certification requirements; see departmental advisor for details.


  • Students must arrange an advisement session with a program director Jennifer Stengel-Mohr:  This should be done as early as possible, but no later than the first Fall semester of study in the major.
  • In the first Fall semester of study in the major, students must take the following courses (if not taken previously): LCD 101, 102, 120, and 130. 
  • By the end of the first Fall semester of study in the major, students should have completed  as many of SEYS 201W, 221, and EECE 310 as possible.
  • Subsequent course sequencing will be established at the advisement session.

Financial Aid Possibilities

As a student seeking your first initial certification, you may qualify for the Teacher Opportunity Corps, which provides mentoring plus some financial assistance. You can find an application and more information at the following link:


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