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Linguistics and Communication Disorders


Faculty and Staff


Arlene Kraat
Arlene Kraat
Department Chair and Director of Communication Sciences and Disorders Programs, Director of the Speech-Language Hearing Center
Associate Professor
Augmentative communication, adult acquired language and speech disorders, Fellow, ASHA
Indiana University
Queens Hall 300A2

Robert Vago
Robert Vago
Associate Chair and Advisor for General Linguistics, MA in Applied Linguistics, Post Bacc. Initial Advanced Certificate, and Post Masters Joint TESOL-Bilingual Advanced Certificate
Phonology and language attrition
PhD, 1974, Harvard University
Queens Hall 300B

Patricia McCaul
Clinical Coordinator, Associate Director and Admissions Coordinator of Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology
Childhood speech, language and neuromotor disorders, ASHA CCC-SLP
MA, 1988, Hunter College
Gertz Bldg.

Karen Ball
Coordinator of Undergraduate Program in Communication Sciences & Disorders
Dysphagia, adult communication disorders, ASHA CCC-SLP
MS, 1982, Sargent College of Allied Health Professions, Boston University
Queens Hall 301C

Salvatore Brienza
Salvatore Brienza
Childhood apraxia of speech, fluency, child language, ASHA CCC-SLP
MA, 2002, Queens College
Gertz Bldg.

Kathy Downing
Child speech-language disorders, ASHA CCC-SLP
MA, 1991, Queens College
Gertz Bldg.

Megan Dunn Davison
Megan Dunn Davison
Assistant Professor
Child language development and disorders, literacy
PhD, 2008, The Pennsylvania State University
Queens Hall 350E

Child Language and Literacy Lab

Eva Fernández
Eva M. Fernández
Assistant Provost (Acting)
Bilingualism, psycholinguistics and instructional technology
PhD, 2000, CUNY Graduate Center
Queens Hall 345J (CTL: Razran 316)

Stanley A. Gelfand
Stanley A. Gelfand
Speech perception, acoustic immitance and reverberation, Fellow, ASHA, CCA-SLP
PhD, 1973, City University of New York
Queens Hall 350C2

Sima Gerber
Sima Gerber
Pragmatics and child language, ASHA CCC-SLP
PhD, 1987, City University of New York
Queens Hall 350B

Bill Haddican
Bill Haddican
Associate Professor
Language change, syntax
PhD, 2005, New York University
Queens Hall 315G

Lauren Heffernan
Lauren Heffernan
Advisor for MS in Ed in TESOL and Post Master Advanced Certificate
TESOL, curriculum development, testing and assessment, literacy
MS, Queens College, 2000
Queens Hall 305B

Elizabeth Ijalba
Elizabeth Ijalba
Director, Bilingual Literacy Research Lab
Associate Professor
Communication disorders, impact of bilingualism on disorders of communication and literacy, ASHA CCC-SLP
PhD, 2007, CUNY Graduate Center
Queens Hall 338

Daniel Kaufman
Daniel Kaufman
Assistant Professor
Morphology, syntax, phonology
PhD, 2010, Cornell University
Queens Hall 335C

Gita Martojardjono
Gita Martohardjono
Executive Officer, CUNY Graduate Center PhD/MA Program in Linguistics
Associate Professor
L2 acquisition, bilingualism, syntax, L1 acquisition, learnability, sociolinguistics
PhD, 1993, Cornell University

Kate Menken
Kate Menken
Associate Professor
TESOL, bilingual education, language policy, and applied linguistics
EdD, 2005, Teachers College, Columbia University
Queens Hall 305D

Cecilia Navarra
Language and literacy disorders, ASHA CCC-SLP
MA, 2002, Queens College
Gertz Bldg.

Michael Newman
Michael Newman
Program Director, Linguistics and TESOL
Applied linguistics and sociolinguistics
PhD, 1993, Teachers College, Columbia University
Queens Hall 300D

Yael Neumann-Werth
Assistant Professor
Speech-language disorders in children and adults, aging, ASHA CCC-SLP
MA, 2007, CUNY Graduate Center
Queens Hall 315F2

Jennifer Stengel-Mohr
Jennifer Stengel-Mohr
Advisor for BA in Applied Linguistics TESOL
TESOL, Applied linguistics
MS, 2001, Queens College
Queens Hall 305A

Renée Toueg
Adult and child speech and language disorders, ASHA CCC-SLP
MS, 1963, Pennsylvania State University
Gertz Bldg.

Substitute Full-Time Faculty

Danna Calvet
Christopher Milson


Adjunct Faculty

Barbara Bevington
Lee Caggiano
Monica Chavez
Carlos de Cuba
Susan Demetropolis
Frances Feintuch
Genevieve Higby
Rose Hurley
Hyun JungMoon
Jennifer Klocek
Emily Long
Ignacio Montoya
Derek Petti
David Rose
Beverly Sanders
Steffi Schopick
Polina Shkadron
Lynn Spivak
Joel Stark
Tatyana Ulubabova
Reid Vancelette
Betsy Weinman

Associated Faculty

William McClure, Dean of Arts and Humanities
Seongyeon Ko, Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures
Xiao Li, Classical, Middle Eastern, and Asian Languages and Cultures
Laura Villa, Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Non-Academic Staff

Maria Cadme
Maria Cadme
Department Secretary
Queens Hall, Room 300A
Phone: 718-997-2870
Fax: 718-997-2873


Gail Oswald
Gail Oswald
College Assistant
Queens Hall, Room 300A
Phone: 718-997-2898
Fax: 718-997-2935


Eileen Sprague
Administrative Assistant
Office: Gertz Building
Phone: 718-997-2930 or 718-997-2946
Fax: 718-997-2935


Faculty Emeriti

Charles C. Cairns, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1968, Columbia University
Phonology, psycholinguistics, adult literacy

Helen S. Cairns, Professor Emerita
PhD, 1970, University of Texas
Adult psycholinguistics and language development in the child

Robert W. Fiengo, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1974, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Syntax and the acquisition of syntax

Harvey Halpern, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1962, New York University
Speech and language problems of brain-injured adults, Fellow, ASHA

Elaine Klein, Associate Professor Emerita
PhD, 1990, CUNY Graduate Center
TESOL and Applied Linguistics

Phillip Schneider, Associate Professor Emeritus
Stuttering and vocal articulation

Herbert Seliger, Professor Emeritus
EdD, 1969, Teachers College, Columbia University
Second language acquisition and applied linguistics

Joel Stark, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1956, New York University
Child language development, language and learning disorders, Honors of the ASHA, Fellow, ASHA

Alan Stevens, Professor Emeritus
PhD, 1964, Yale University
Phonology and Indonesian languages


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