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Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Selected Thursdays
Campbell Dome 4.45 pm

All the movies in Spanish with English subtitles

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Curated by:
Iliana Alcántar
Álvaro Fernández

Internationally recognized as the most important contemporary Spanish filmmaker,
Pedro Almodóvar has developed a personal aesthetic that over the past decades has produced
a rich and creative response. 
Hispanic Cinema Series proudly presents four movies that embody the powerful
and controversial dialog taking place within Spanish cinematography.
Gender, politics, sex and violence: you can expect everything but to remain indifferent
after each movie.

February 23 - Campbell Dome
Todo sobre mi madre / All about My Mother (1999)
Dir.: Pedro Almodóvar

Last night, Mom showed me a picture of when she was young. Half of it was missing. I didn’t want to tell her, but my life is missing the same half.

Grief, passion, and sex experienced by nuns, actors and transvestites. Almodóvar rewrites Lorca, Mankiewics and Miller in a movie that puts into play a complex story with multiple levels of fiction and parenthood. 

March 15

20 centímetros / 20 Centimeters (2005)
Dir.: Ramón Salazar

Your father made a hell of a mistake giving me those extra 20 centimeters.

A narcoleptic transvestite works as a prostitute to pay for an operation to become a woman. Meanwhile, when she is dreaming, she stars in a musical forged by American cinema iconography. A powerful questioning of gender and genres in contemporary cinema. 

April 19
Volver (2006)
Dir.: Pedro Almodóvar

When you die, a lot of what you did is left unfinished. And a lot of what you finished was done wrong. I just don’t know if anything can be fixed. And if it can, is it my business to fix it?

The story of a group of women on the verge of a nervous breakdown that can finally handle their own fate. Almodóvar revisits his previous movies in order to tie up their loose ends. Domestic abuse, crime, love and the unbearable weight of the past get intertwined in a solid melodrama when the construction of an identity is at stake

May 10
El crimen ferpecto / The Ferpect Crime (2004)
Dir.: Álex de la Iglesia

They all get arrested in the end because it’s a movie. In real life the bad guys win.

Marketing strategies sometimes include crime as a way to succeed. Selling and killing go together for a successful salesman in Madrid’s largest department store but a perfect crime could end up ferpect. A harsh black comedy that rewrites Almodóvar’s aesthetic to draw an effective metaphor of contemporary society.

Contextual information, brief analysis and reading suggestions will be provided

These films contain scenes that some viewers may find disturbing


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