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Graduate Programs

The department of Hispanic languages and literatures at Queens College offers two graduate programs in Spanish, one leading to a Master of Arts and the other to a Master of Science in Education (in cooperation with the School of Education).

The comprehensive range of courses for the Master of Arts degree qualifies students for admission to doctoral programs in Spanish or comparative literature. The Master's degree in Education qualifies students for admission to doctoral programs in foreign language education, fulfills the requirements needed for New York State certification, and also meets the interests and needs of secondary school teachers currently in the field.

Masters of Arts in Spanish 

Requirements for Matriculation

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for admission.
  1. Undergraduate degree with strong component in Spanish (21 credits beyond the second-year of language), including the equivalent of SPAN 240, 250, 260, 280, 290, 310, or 312 and a 300-level elective course. 
  2. The credentials of each applicant are to be examined by a departmental committee which shall have the authority to accept or reject the candidate. This committee may request an interview with a candidate for admission if necessary.

Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree

These requirements are in addition to the general requirements for the Master of Arts degree.

  1. Thirty-three credits, or 27 credits and a 6-credit Thesis, are required for the Master of Arts degree. A minimum of 24 credits must be taken in Spanish. With special permission, the remaining credits may be taken in other departments. 
  2. Upon admission, all students are required to take SPAN 700 - Stylistics and Composition, as part of the required 33 credits. SPAN 700 must be taken during the first or second semester of study, and students must pass the course with a B or higher, in order to continue in the program. The course may be taken only twice. 
  3. Students will be required to demonstrate their reading knowledge of another Romance language, in addition to their major language. Latin or any other language pertinent to the study of Hispanic literature may be substituted by special permission. 
  4. After completing all formal coursework, a comprehensive examination, both written and oral, will be administered in Spanish, in which students will be tested on their knowledge of the important authors and literary movements in Spain and Latin America. If a student fails one or two questions of the examination, he/she may repeat only those questions.​ A student may not take this examination more than twice.
  5. An exit writing exam, consisting of an essay with guiding questions, should be taken after passing SPAN 700 with at least a grade of B, and completing 18 credits. The student who fails this exam must retake and pass the exam, or receive departmental permission, before being allowed to continue in the program.
  6. Students who wish to complete a Thesis based on original research are required to take the following two courses as part of the 33-credit requirement: SPAN 790 - Thesis Seminar and SPAN 791 - Thesis Course. The 6-credit Thesis may be substituted for two of the two required elective courses. This thesis will normally be written in Spanish, or, by special permission, in English, and it must follow the norms of the MLA Style Manual

Every student is urged to meet with the Advisor at least once every semester to discuss her/his program and inform the advisor of her/his progress. No allowance will be made for a student’s faulty planning of her/his own program. 

Course Breakdown

The 33 credits required for the degree are to be distributed as follows:
  1. SPAN 700 - Stylistics and Composition (3 credits).  All students must take this course as soon as possible. 
  2. At least 9 credits in Latin American literature, and 9 credits in Peninsular literature.  
  3. Six credits in seminar courses: 
    1. SPAN 783. Research Seminar: Linguistics. 
    2. SPAN 784. Research Seminar: Literature. 
  4. At least 6 credits in elective courses (linguistics, literature, and/or culture courses); or  SPAN 790 -Thesis Seminar, and SPAN 791 - Thesis Course.
Note: A student may take any of the Research Seminars twice, provided that the topics are different.


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